Best Use of Microservices and Modern Web User Interfaces


With the most adopted Open Source tools powered by Oracle and running on Oracle Cloud Platform, build a web application with Oracle JET consuming one or more Microservices written in Node.js / Javascript, PHP, or Java. Use of MySQL database is optional. Projects with automated Continuous Delivery (DevOps) will get extra points. Teams must get an account (one per team) through the following URL prior to the event: -->

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


Winning Team: each member wins a drone worth ~$1,000.00 up to five drones depending on team size.

Participants may get a special hoodie.

* Due to compliance requirements government employees / representatives are not eligible to win this prize / participate in this challenge.

Projects solving this challenge


Platform that enables users to share files and videos privately with friends. User can set limits on how many times files and videos are shared until they are rendered inaccessible.

Twitter Plot

Display trending tweets in each country on a world map.


TaskGlide is a web and mobile app for connecting creators and clients and facilitating the process from meeting to contract to project completion. We strive for a goal oriented, simplified approach to client/creator interactions, with smart milestones, payments for tasks completed, and full management of the contract process.


IoT platform that actively communicates with devices and places order of items and materials as needed with oversight from managers as necessary.

TRBO - TinderRouletteBagelOk

Tinder cards, but you swipe on hobbies and music you like or don't like. Then you can click a button to get paired up to do a video chat with you someone you haven't see before and you can't leave for 5 minutes, and then you rate the person you just talked to. You only get 1 vid chat per day.

Organizations hosting challenge


Oracle provides the industry’s broadest and most integrated solutions for quickly building smart and modern software. From Java to MySQL to Oracle Database, we meet the unique needs of developers, IT professionals, and business users with comprehensive portfolio of platform services that enables developers to respond quickly to new opportunities.

Events specific to challenge

DeveloperWeek 2017 Hackathon

The DeveloperWeek Hackathon invites 600+ hackers to compete for $100,000+ in products and services at the official kick-off to DeveloperWeek!

Technologies specific to this challenge

The Oracle Cloud Platform provides a shared and elastically scalable platform for consolidation of existing applications and new application development and deployment.

Java is at the heart of our digital lifestyle. It's the platform for launching careers, exploring human-to-digital interfaces, architecting the world's best applications, and unlocking innovation everywhere—from garages to global organizations.

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. With its proven performance, reliability, and ease-of-use, MySQL has become the leading database choice for web-based applications, used by high profile web properties including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all five of the top five websites*.

JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, untyped, and interpreted programming language used for building client-side applications for modern web browsers and hybrid mobile applications, as well server-side applications, like those running with Node.js.

Oracle JET is a Javascript Extension Toolkit that mashes up different JS frameworks for building modern client UIs.