Build an app on the world's 1st chat operating system.


1st 2 winners win $5000 in cash, period! Flock OS is the world's first chat operating system and you could build an app atop of it. Examples: 1) Create a conversational bot on Flock using the Alexa or Watson API 2) Did you know that developers can also add UI elements to Flock's desktop & mobile apps? Thus, build an app that adds UI functionality to Flock's chat app. 3) Build a social media integration. Ex- show the twitter feed and/or LinkedIn profile of people that you are chatting with, on Flock's sidebar. You need not stick to the examples above & you can get as creative as you can. All details on how to build an app on Flock is here - Also, join our team on to ask us any questions in real time.

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon

Virtual Hackathon



1) We will give away $3000 in cash to the team that builds the best app on Flock. No gift cards. No credit. We're giving away cash for the 1st prize, period!
2) We will give away $2000 in cash to the team that builds the 2nd best app on Flock. No gift cards. No credit.
3) 2 teams (5 members each) will receive gifts- Drones, Amazon echoes, Anchor power banks, Kindle fire, etc.
4) All 3 prize winner + 20 other participants will receive $299 passes to the Developer Week conference.

Projects solving this challenge

Mighty Flock

Integrate Amazon Echo into flock, with access to giving spoken commands and receiving push notifications through Alexa.


Eliot is a cheap and easy solution providing access to medical doctors to Africa through a chatbot connecting patient and practitioner. We will work with NGOs to distribute this life saving solution widely.

Hello World!

Google Slides (internal): VR Mockup Flock Unity


A integrated and efficient personal business assistant for managing operations and other business processes. The tech stack was built with Sony Future Lab Program N, Cimpress business services, and the Flock platform.

Aspera file manager for Flock

Ultra fast Aspera file management plugin for Flock


floQdoc is the most seamless and natural team Q&A app. It eliminates the pain of endless, messy internal documents. By riding on Flock's intuitive chat interface, and integrated seamlessly with Alexa, users can get immediate answers to questions that have previously been asked. Over time, teams will be able to build a comprehensive database of questions and relevant answers, which will prove crucial in supporting the growth of your company.


We connect you to lunch options with the Flock chat OS. When you are ready for lunch, just click our button within Flock, and see a list of your favorite local restaurants and information about them.


TransSend is the first massive multi-language translation solution for Flock

Flock Blocks

*Are you interested in using PubNub Blocks with Flock?* FlockBlocks is a service that integrates PubNub Blocks into Flock, without requiring any coding, server or ngrok. Contact me for details or to be hooked up.


Whiteboard.js is a widget made for flock that makes collaborative "whiteboarding" an ease. Without leaving Flock, users can work together on their group specific Whiteboards in real time.


We created a multi-lingual platform to help citizens find out more about their rights or file rights violations. Our platform has a language auto-detection feature and responds to you in your native language. Also, we create a back-end service desk to help teams collaborate in finding answers to these requests in real time.


A DocuSign integration for Flock and an architecture implementation for document management & eSignature for chat interfaces. Realtime event notifications and workflow management and ability to eSign documents from the chat workflow itself. Furthermore a fluid chat interface with interactive attachments and ui to browse documents and initiate actions

Happy Hours

Get insights of how your employees communicate through the work day. We gather data about the sentiments through the day on the channels and messages of your company and establish an hourly average of how were people feeling through the day.

Flock Live

Flock is currently using as their video conferencing solution which is only an integration of an external website. Flock Live is a fully branded video conferencing solution.


An in client game to incentivize users to check their channels at moments


BeeChat - A better chat experience. One client to fit all your needs.


Adds language translation features.


Tasker is a FlockOS app that allows managers to create tasks for employees under them. These tasks can then be taken by anyone in the Flock lobby/allotted by the manager to specific employees. Once a task has been taken, the app has direct integration with the employee's google calendar, therefore able to block out time automatically based on an efficient algorithm.


We built an chat bot on the Flock OS platform that allows people to send and receive money through PayPal. We leveraged Watson's powerful cognitive apis and natural language classifiers to deliver a delightful user experience!

Pala Saves

Create sensor to keep parents from forgetting their babies in a hot car.


Project for FlockOS 2017 Flockathon Challenge. Command line language assistance. offering dictionary and language translation services. :)


IoT platform that actively communicates with devices and places order of items and materials as needed with oversight from managers as necessary.


ADJUTANT is a mobile app that uses AI to programmatically send messages to people you meet.


Tension arises in DevOps when both development and operations face data gaps. Tapping on to NetApp ONTAP Cloud’s technology, Honeydew helps teams to work off the same dataset, reducing misunderstanding. Honeydew encapsulates Docker into a command line tool that integrates with NetApp’s SLM API. Honeydew has also been integrated into Flock, bringing visibility and control to DevOps engineers over their data environment in the midst of their communication environment.


A custom communication app for Teachers and Students in West Africa.


Codename Raging Octopus is a productivity Flock app made with the idea in mind that setting up meetings should be seamlessly easy. The idea is that you're messaging with someone, the conversation is going well, it's time to set up a more formal meeting. Why go through filling out a google calendar event and all that business? Why not just type out a short memo "1:30pm meeting w/Dave @Office B", then just click the app icon and it will do all that busy work for you?


Taking the fuss out of what's for lunch.


An app for companies to onboard new employees


ThunderTalk takes out the pain of team inboxes and enables you to scale your customer support, your sales and more. It isn’t just for back-to-back messaging. ThunderTalk brings all of your external messages from emails to social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and SMS into one unified platform.

Full Stack Video

An application to help Film and Video Crews better communicate from Pre-Production to Post-Production.


An easier way to access important information on Flock. - Gives you an automatic message whenever you enter app. - Has sidebar and widget with important messages summarized in a nice way. - Use command ‘/imp’ when writing message - Define important keywords at beginning. Messages containing them are automatically added. - Get an email or text with info. Daily or weekly?


THE NEED/ PROBLEM/ OPPORTUNITY: When we’re not in close proximity to friends or family, it’s hard to stay in contact with them. Even with social media, you may forget to reach out, or fail to have significant meaningful interactions. We want to solve the problem of reliably staying in touch with people we care about, who may not be in our immediate vicinity. People are wired for social connection but staying disciplined to maintain a relationship is hard.

TRBO - TinderRouletteBagelOk

Tinder cards, but you swipe on hobbies and music you like or don't like. Then you can click a button to get paired up to do a video chat with you someone you haven't see before and you can't leave for 5 minutes, and then you rate the person you just talked to. You only get 1 vid chat per day.

Organizations hosting challenge


A Siri that cares about your personal advancement and success.


Flock is a messaging app for teams of all sizes.

Events specific to challenge

DeveloperWeek 2017 Hackathon

The DeveloperWeek Hackathon invites 600+ hackers to compete for $100,000+ in products and services at the official kick-off to DeveloperWeek!