Best Use of PubNub BLOCKS API/SDK


To qualify your entries, your team must appear on-stage and demonstrate their use of the PubNub Data Stream Network (DSN) and a minimum of one BLOCK, which may be from our BLOCKS CATALOG or alternatively you may create a new PubNub BLOCK. Challenge, Prize Details and form to Register:

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


500 Cash, plus 12 Months of PubNub Starter Tier Service*** to launch your awesome idea.

Challenge, Prize Details and form to Register:

***PubNub Starter Tier Service Plan Prize Details:
Prize includes 12 Months of PubNub Starter Tier Service Plan base service. This includes up to 500 Devices, 2M Messages and 1M BLOCKS executions. This is $588.00 ($49 per month X 12 months ) value prize credit to be awarded to ONE activated Starter Tier Account. Account must

Projects solving this challenge

School Student Management Project

We have developed a School Student Management Project using PubNub and NetApp. We use PubNub to handle Amazon Alexa voice control. Then upload the Data to cloud on NetApp. School Student Management is a powerful application for school daily management, it makes school management simpler. It can also integrate with Data Analysis and data mining tools. With big data service in the cloud, it provides detail student analysis reports and trends and it significantly improves student management.

Flock Blocks

*Are you interested in using PubNub Blocks with Flock?* FlockBlocks is a service that integrates PubNub Blocks into Flock, without requiring any coding, server or ngrok. Contact me for details or to be hooked up.


CitySnap empowers citizens to send photo reports and help make San Francisco a better city. Reports of lost cats or graffiti tags are sent from an iOS application and received in real-time on a web portal using PubNub services. The data is persisted using NetApp storage, and database snapshots can be instantly mounted via API calls to the NetApp ONTAP Cloud to inspect how the data set has changed over time.


Integrate 1000s of iot devices to our intelligent automation and e-commerce platform on web and mobile.

Internet of Gardens

Smart Garden System uses AR and AI to communicate with plants in your plants.


We created a multi-lingual platform to help citizens find out more about their rights or file rights violations. Our platform has a language auto-detection feature and responds to you in your native language. Also, we create a back-end service desk to help teams collaborate in finding answers to these requests in real time.


FemHealth is a service for users seeking actionable advice on undeserved health needs to get useful information through a chat consultation.

Happy Hours

Get insights of how your employees communicate through the work day. We gather data about the sentiments through the day on the channels and messages of your company and establish an hourly average of how were people feeling through the day.


TaskGlide is a web and mobile app for connecting creators and clients and facilitating the process from meeting to contract to project completion. We strive for a goal oriented, simplified approach to client/creator interactions, with smart milestones, payments for tasks completed, and full management of the contract process.

Pala Saves

Create sensor to keep parents from forgetting their babies in a hot car.


IoT platform that actively communicates with devices and places order of items and materials as needed with oversight from managers as necessary.


SHELTR provides information about services to the people who need them most, the homeless. A technical solution that reaches out to those who may have limited access to technology. SHELTR uses PubNub BLOCKS to collect, filter, and package data so that it is relevant and actionable then uses PubNub's publish and subscribe SDK to share information in real time to public forums and mobile devices.


smart way to send message to the dear ones


Onboard people to a new city.


Wearable Button to communicate over Infrared, sharing contact information at tech conferences and hackathons!


Video chat with random people in specific locations to get an inside point of view on major events remotely.

TRBO - TinderRouletteBagelOk

Tinder cards, but you swipe on hobbies and music you like or don't like. Then you can click a button to get paired up to do a video chat with you someone you haven't see before and you can't leave for 5 minutes, and then you rate the person you just talked to. You only get 1 vid chat per day.


Our lives are consumed by digital noise. Pindow frees us to enjoy human interactions. It captures your digital life into a custom container filtered by machine learning algorithms and location/activity awareness to only surface information that is truly relevant. A companion app provides an interactive status board. For example, out with your Sony N, a Pindow Segment informs that an important document has finished signatures and a voice command triggers submission.

Organizations hosting challenge


Realtime Apps Made Simple APIs for developers building secure realtime Mobile, Web, and IoT Applications Realtime Apps Made Serverless PubNub BLOCKS is a feature of the PubNub Data Stream Network that makes the network programmable. It allows developers to easily deploy functions on the PubNub network to modify messages without the need for developers to manage their own infrastructure.

Events specific to challenge

DeveloperWeek 2017 Hackathon

The DeveloperWeek Hackathon invites 600+ hackers to compete for $100,000+ in products and services at the official kick-off to DeveloperWeek!

Technologies specific to this challenge

The PubNub Data Stream Network connects 15 globally redundant points of presence into a single network capable of handling hundreds of millions of simultaneous device connections and relaying trillions of messages. The Data Stream Network architecture was built as a network – not as a single PoP “cloud” solution – allowing PubNub to deliver unmatched speed, reliability, and scalability.

Serverless compute for building and scaling realtime applications. * Program the Network - build features in a fraction of the time with code that runs inside the network. *Serverless Architecture deployment and scaling all handled for you. *Integrated Key/Value Store reduces latency. *Effortless Scaling Run app logic in the network instead. * Zero Added Latency Fewer hops