Create a new radio segment style app for the Concept Prototype N


The challenge is to create a new radio segment style app for the Concept Prototype N, which enhances a user’s daily life. N is the first Concept Prototype from Sony Future Lab Program and features an open-ear, neckband-style wearable device. N provides up-to-date information on demand using context recognition technology. As an example you can use voice commands to request nearby restaurant information while exploring a new city. During this challenge you will use the SDK and build javascript based apps. Many support tools will be available, such as a simulator, easy to use online documentation, and a quick start guide created specifically for this challenge. Creative concepts are always welcome, but some things we would like to see are: An app that showcases the hands-free concept. An app that utilize users’ behavior like riding a bicycle, walking, etc... New Speech API integration. Best integration with another sponsor.

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon



For this challenge, we are handing out great prizes including 8 PlayStation®VR bundles. This includes the Playstation VR headset, the Playstation camera and 2 playstation move controllers. We are also giving away 8 free membership in to the Future Lab for N program for a total value of $7,200!

Projects solving this challenge


A integrated and efficient personal business assistant for managing operations and other business processes. The tech stack was built with Sony Future Lab Program N, Cimpress business services, and the Flock platform.

Hidden Messages

Find and create hidden messages in the space ;)

Real Pal

A neckband-style wearable device pal to get the most updated information and market price while hunting for houses.


This project empowers the usability of Sony Concept N. N or its mobile app recognizes user near location which complements GPS location by using active tags (WiFi/BT hotspots). It provides us automatic control of N (on/off, volume, contents etc) so that it can make our audio be free. This project aims to integrate feeling/emotion recognition to achieve higher environmental adaptive control in near future.

Total Recall

Total Recall is a Sony Concept Prototype N and HoloLens application. We wanted to take advantage of the geolocation and future photo taking capabilities of the Sony N. Walk around with the Sony N, and the app takes photos on keywords like "Cool! Awesome!" and on interval tied to the location. Then, when you come back home, you can take the HoloLens and see a 2D and 3D map of San Francisco, tap on markers, and see the photos you've taken during the day. Save and create albums!

Let's Cook!

We could always use a helping hand. Especially when we are preparing messy dishes. "Listen up, Nigel. Let's cook!" allows us to load a recipe, and get instructions one step at a time. "Begin cooking [meatballs]." "For this recipe you will need..." "Skip." "Step 1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees." "Next Step." "Step 2. Line baking pan with foil, and spray with cooking spray." "Repeat." ..."Bake uncovered for 18 minutes." "Nigel set timer: 18 minutes."

N Sight

Two week ago, a blind man asked one of our teammates, "Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?" If that man had Nigel, with our N Sight app, he would have been able to ask Nigel instead. "Listen up, Nigel... Where am I?" Nigel will tell you your current address as well as the current time and date. We would continue further by adding real time navigation, and nearby shops.

Same Page

Same Page is an application made to help caretakers help people with Autism. The problem that caretakers and behavior therapists face is that it's hard for everyone to be on the same page. This is because meeting up together happens infrequently and information is on the paper trail. Same Page is an iOS application that solves this is problem by making behavior tracking digital, real time and collaborative.


OpenTour is an user generated content and e-commerce tour platform for immersive devices such as the Sony N. Community users can create unique and interesting self guided tours for the rest of the community while receiving incentives. N users can instantly get more information and even learn cool facts about their location when they enter it. Users can take their photo and order t-shirts/mugs/etc all through voice command. The original user that generated the content will get a sale commission.


IoT platform that actively communicates with devices and places order of items and materials as needed with oversight from managers as necessary.

Voice dictionary

I will be using Javascript to create a a way for the Sony N to tell users the definition of a word at command

Happy Stream

We are going to make your life happier with concept N :)


SoundSpice makes your life more exciting by SOUNDS OF PAST BRILLIANT EVENTS that were held where you are.


Connect to SDK to possibly create new applications using new commands.


Hear and understand any one from any country


Our lives are consumed by digital noise. Pindow frees us to enjoy human interactions. It captures your digital life into a custom container filtered by machine learning algorithms and location/activity awareness to only surface information that is truly relevant. A companion app provides an interactive status board. For example, out with your Sony N, a Pindow Segment informs that an important document has finished signatures and a voice command triggers submission.

Events specific to challenge

DeveloperWeek 2017 Hackathon

The DeveloperWeek Hackathon invites 600+ hackers to compete for $100,000+ in products and services at the official kick-off to DeveloperWeek!