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Insurance company Acme has 1 million Dental policies and they want to target these policy holders to sell Accident insurance. For this purpose, they hold a marketing campaign that lasts from January 1, 2016 through October 31, 2016. During this period, Acme added another 300k people at various times to the campaign. The campaign involved performing marketing activities such as emails, letters, sales events, calls, etc. During the period of the campaign some individuals (50k) purchased an accident policy. While most of those individuals were in the target audience (44k), not all of them were (6k were NOT). Challenge: Create data visualizations to help Acme better understand the data, their campaign and the activities over time.

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On-Site Hackathon


$3,000 Amex Gift Card

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Use IPython Notebooks and data Viz to potential clients

Vitech Insurance Analitics

Enter From and To dates and click on Run button to get analytics. Note: 1)that date validation was not implemented! While you need to type text in next format yyyy-mm-dd (or something that new Date() will understand). See the defaults. Hope you will enjoy :)

Tell Me Which Campaigns Works and Why

Combine the vitech campaign data with census information to identify common characteristics of new policy sales. Provisionally using Jasper Studio, Jasper Reports, Tomcat, and PostgreSQL.

ACME Data exploration analysis

An enterprise-grade, rich data exploration tool for Managers to analyze and explore the policy sales trend. Very intuitive, User-friendly and easy to create visualization components for both developers and non-developers. The Dashboard offers blazing fast speed data exploration and supports array of backend databases. It offers fine-grained control of security to protect your data from unauthorized access

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Vitech Systems Group

Vitech is a leading provider of administration software to investment, retirement, and insurance organizations. Vitech is a firm of 850 employees headquartered in NYC that serves 100 organizations world-wide. Vitech specializes in the delivery of software-based administration solutions. Our software, V3, is a transformative solution that helps organizations achieve administrative excellence, harness significant processing efficiencies and realize the potential of true business intelligence.

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