Build a notification services app that leverages IoT (Internet of Things)


Visit for detailed info on this challenge. Zang Cloud is a robust, cloud-based development platform that enables developers to seamlessly integrate communications actions, such as voice and messaging, into any application via an API. OUR CHALLENGE: Build a notification services app that leverages IoT (Internet of Things). Leveraging the data from IoT sensors as the trigger, drive proactive communications and workflows leveraging the Zang Cloud API. Use typical IoT triggers to drive workflows and/or communications based on thresholds met. Define your use case and trigger (e.g., healthcare blood pressure cuff embedded with a sensor to monitor and check for dangerously high blood pressure rates). This is only a suggestion – use your imagination. Your app should leverage Zang Cloud for its communications-enablement. You will be able to simulate the passing of data from an IoT sensor (vs. using the actual sensors).

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


1st place winner will receive $5,000 in American Express gift cards.
2nd place winner will receive $2,000 in American Express gift cards.
3rd place winner will receive $500 in American Express gift cards.

Projects solving this challenge


Use IPython Notebooks and data Viz to potential clients

zang.AI for IoT

Zang meets AI for Plants

Smart Security Camera

The smart security camera will match VIPs entering its line of sight with AWS Rekognition and message the appropriate officials.

Smart Emergency Medical Service for Developing Countries

Smart Emergency Medical Service uses Zang and Pubnub APIs to enable interaction among various sensors present in the ambulance that can track the vitals of a patient. Web service enables video call, Messaging, and vital monitoring to ensure the patient with right care even before reaching the hospital. Maps are embedded in the web app to optimize ambulance commute by contacting the nearest possible and the relevant medical specialty based on the patient's condition.


A service wrapped around Zang API which allows registering remote hardware sensors which will be monitored against configured metrics and thresholds. It also allows users (phone numbers) to subscribe to notifications who will then receive SMS alert(s) each time the metric value of the subscribed sensor(s) exceeds the set threshold(s).


A way to assist Type 1 Diabetic children and in understanding, tracking, and managing their well-being remotely with their mobile devices. Authorised guardians can access and monitor information on glycemic intake for loved ones. Guardians can also authorise nutritionists and relevant healthcare professionals to track progress of individual patients. HIPPA complaint.


BuzzerButler is an application for controlling 3rd party access/authentication to commercial buildings and apartments digitally via a mobile device.


Easier API access for IoT devices, simple messaging and SMS services for devices, people, and communication. And robot calls.


ZAMHack is an integrated, fully mobile notification and monitoring system that allows neighborhood watch, security teams, or roving journalists to keep tabs on local events. Sensors on a camera or security system trigger a notification to an iPhone via Zang SMS services. The user can then click on the message to view a live stream, provided by Wowza, of the area. They can evaluate the situation and send a message via the built-in text field to alert other people or a customized bot.

Docusign X Etheruem

Converting Docusign contracts into Ethereum based contracts. MVP is recording all completed transactions to the ledger, a simple transactions list without any data or peer-to-peer smart contracts involved. Maybe throw in Zang for sms notification upon completion

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