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We’ve been crossing the globe asking developers to create applications that will benefit your local government or community. This time, we’re challenging you to build a civic minded chatbot. Level it up by using any one of our many partner blocks like IBM Watson for translation or MapBox for geolocation. Or better yet, create your own custom PubNub Function and you can connect to just about any API in the room. Just use PubNub and PubNub Functions!

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


$1000 visa giftcard

Projects solving this challenge


An application that uses PubNub's API to create a Facebook chatbot that allows users to search nearby restaurants for different cuisines using only emojis.

Smart Grocer

SmartGrocer is a chatbot to help communities locate the cheapest priced ingredients among local grocery stores and give access to underserved locations.

News Chatbot

Speak with Chatbot to receive news from several reputable sources. This was built in mind for areas with censorship and helps get around blocked websites to keep citizens informed.


EcoBites is an app that allows consumers to report on restaurants' environmental practices. Specifically, it allows users to report whether a restaurant separates recyclables, compostables and landfill waste and whether it uses biodegradable dishes and utensils. Users can also submit comments about a restaurant that are streamed live on the restaurant page. Our goal is to raise awareness about environmental conservation among both consumers and restaurants.

Smart Emergency Medical Service for Developing Countries

Smart Emergency Medical Service uses Zang and Pubnub APIs to enable interaction among various sensors present in the ambulance that can track the vitals of a patient. Web service enables video call, Messaging, and vital monitoring to ensure the patient with right care even before reaching the hospital. Maps are embedded in the web app to optimize ambulance commute by contacting the nearest possible and the relevant medical specialty based on the patient's condition.

Election Info Bot

Keeping voters informed about who is running for office.


Social networking app for professionals with an easy and quick way to network with potential connections.

Peaceably Assemble

Peaceably Assemble will be an app to help community organizers. The app will allow users to find protests near them, to track their locations during protests, alert others to hazards, and to document the event.


A way to assist Type 1 Diabetic children and in understanding, tracking, and managing their well-being remotely with their mobile devices. Authorised guardians can access and monitor information on glycemic intake for loved ones. Guardians can also authorise nutritionists and relevant healthcare professionals to track progress of individual patients. HIPPA complaint.


Creating an App for students which will help them communicate via chat or live streaming video. May include live task management function to allow users to create a list of tasks and when task is complete "X" task out.


ZAMHack is an integrated, fully mobile notification and monitoring system that allows neighborhood watch, security teams, or roving journalists to keep tabs on local events. Sensors on a camera or security system trigger a notification to an iPhone via Zang SMS services. The user can then click on the message to view a live stream, provided by Wowza, of the area. They can evaluate the situation and send a message via the built-in text field to alert other people or a customized bot.


An iOS app dedicated to allowing users to track federal and state legislatures in an intuitive and good looking user interface.

Organizations hosting challenge


Realtime Apps Made Simple! APIs for developers building secure realtime Mobile, Web, and IoT Applications Realtime Apps Made Serverless PubNub BLOCKS is a feature of the PubNub Data Stream Network that makes the network programmable. It allows developers to easily deploy functions on the PubNub network to modify messages without the need for developers to manage their own infrastructure.

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