eSignLive’s 2-track E-Signature API Challenge


This challenge includes two parallel challenges. You only need to complete one to qualify for the challenge – no need to do both. The first involves integrating eSignLive's eSignature technology into a web application using our REST API or one of our SDKs (Java, .NET, APEX). The second is the same only of the mobile flavor, integrating eSignLive into a native mobile application using one of our mobile SDKs (Android and iOS).

For either challenge, example ideas could be:
1) A self-service portal where the end user is allowed to fill out and sign the documents from within the portal (auto/mortgage loan, loan application, investment account creation, etc.).
2) A business-user driven application where the business user must send out documents for signing from the application.
3) An automated process where the eSignLive transaction is generated automatically based on other events.
4) Any application where you can see e-signatures as a way to streamline a document signing process.

Bonus prizes will be awarded for the top 4 qualifying application that also implements a callback notification listener that feeds a back-end reporting dashboard.
Developers participating in the challenge MUST register in the eSignLive Developer Community (link: to be eligible. This is also where you'll find forums, guides, documentation, Sandbox access, etc.

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


Total possible prize value: $7,000 in Amazon gift cards + free subscriptions.

1st prize - $2,000 Amazon Gift Card (one each for the two challenges)

2nd prize - $1,000 Amazon Gift Card (one each for the two challenges)

Bonus prize:
$250 Amazon Gift Card (top 4 qualifying entries)

Everyone gets:
All developers that participate in the eSignLive challenge with a successful, valid entry will receive a 1-year, free subscription for eSignLive Professional Edition.

Projects solving this challenge


Automated HR for everyone. OpenOnboard is an open-source HR / hiring management dashboard that is free for anyone to use. *********************************************************** FEATURES: - Automatically track status of any employee's onboarding, without having to manually check or send emails - Sending customized offer letters - Pre-filling employee background check forms - Automated sending of I-9's and W-4's - Email notifications

Incident Command System (ICS)

The Incident Command System (ICS) is a standardized approach to the command, control, and coordination of volunteer response to disaster relief.

As a virtual dermatologist, utilizes deep neural networks to catch early signs of skin diseases. When a condition is deemed risky, can connect patients with local doctors. To use, users chat with Demi, our chatbot built into FB Messenger. You can directly take an image of an area of the skin and chat it to Demi, who will classify the image into 23 classes of abnormalities. Demi will use your location and your signature to securely suggest future medical recommendations.


Developing an intelligent app to help event manager (Wedding Planners) manage their clients more effectively by providing a personalized insight of theirs clients.


Get file-based tasks EXPERTLY done.

Organizations hosting challenge

Events specific to challenge

API World 2017 Hackathon

The API World 2017 Hackathon is the largest API hackathon in the world, kicking off the API World 2017 Conference & Expo.