Ultra low latency app challenge - next great thing


Wowza is introducing new ultra low latency streaming capabilities to our Wowza Streaming Cloud API enabling users to stream to audiences of any size across the globe.

Build the best app using (or present the best integration of) the new Wowza ultra low latency (sub-2 seconds end to end) steaming service.

Want to get a jump start?

Visit https://www.wowza.com/blog/our-new-ultra-low-latency-streaming-platform-who-wants-in

and www.wowza.com/hack

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


$400 ($200 in Gift Cards and $200 in Wowza gear)

Projects solving this challenge


Traditional live video streaming platforms charge content viewers via a subscription model. This is outdated as content users at times end up paying for content that they do not like. Similarly, content providers lose a big cut of their earnings to centralized video streaming platforms. Livewire is a live video streaming platform build on blockchain which adopts a pay per view/stream model. With the Livewire wallet, payments made via our platform are secure, transparent and almost instant.

Events specific to challenge

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The API World 2017 Hackathon is the largest API hackathon in the world, kicking off the API World 2017 Conference & Expo.