Create a Disruptive Application using TeleSign APIs - $5000 Grand Prize


“Build Something Amazing”. Create an innovative application of any type that uses TeleSign’s Communication and/or Intelligence APIs. Your app will be judged by TeleSign’s engineers and a representative from #YesWeCode on the category of most disruptive application which is likely to gain adoption. The application must be developed at the hackathon.

TeleSign’s Communications APIs allow you to build messaging and account security into apps and create innovative experiences that users love. TeleSign’s Intelligence APIs help you prevent fraud on your platform by providing data that can help you determine the risk level of any phone number in the world. Common use cases for TeleSign’s CPaaS platform are adding Two-Factor Authentication, Sending Reminders & Notifications, Preventing Account Takeovers, and Delivering Marketing messages.

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


$5000 Grand Prize

Projects solving this challenge

GigSign - The Musicians Ultimate Toolkit

Decreases fraud The perfect app for musicians. Quickly solidify contractual agreements Send invoices Streamline Venue and Artist communication No Printer, No Desktop, No Fax Machine? No problem!

Organize Up

This project is created to help those who host events to better organize. Stay in contact with everyone at the same event without the need to exchange numbers


Automated HR for everyone. OpenOnboard is an open-source HR / hiring management dashboard that is free for anyone to use. *********************************************************** FEATURES: - Automatically track status of any employee's onboarding, without having to manually check or send emails - Sending customized offer letters - Pre-filling employee background check forms - Automated sending of I-9's and W-4's - Email notifications


Traditional live video streaming platforms charge content viewers via a subscription model. This is outdated as content users at times end up paying for content that they do not like. Similarly, content providers lose a big cut of their earnings to centralized video streaming platforms. Livewire is a live video streaming platform build on blockchain which adopts a pay per view/stream model. With the Livewire wallet, payments made via our platform are secure, transparent and almost instant.

Incident Command System (ICS)

The Incident Command System (ICS) is a standardized approach to the command, control, and coordination of volunteer response to disaster relief.


A personal driving assistant that uses an IoT solution with Raspberry Pi and Alexa to help drivers use devices in their vehicle hands-free and protect belongings.

As a virtual dermatologist, utilizes deep neural networks to catch early signs of skin diseases. When a condition is deemed risky, can connect patients with local doctors. To use, users chat with Demi, our chatbot built into FB Messenger. You can directly take an image of an area of the skin and chat it to Demi, who will classify the image into 23 classes of abnormalities. Demi will use your location and your signature to securely suggest future medical recommendations.


App to remind you to keep moving periodically. Research shows sitting or staying idle for long is as bad as smoking


Developing an intelligent app to help event manager (Wedding Planners) manage their clients more effectively by providing a personalized insight of theirs clients.


Mobile app that in case of local emergency it will try to easily track cell phone and gps movement to validate users and peers to know people are allright, it will also enable users to upload photos and videos with location signed media to avoid Fake Reports. This idea was inspired by recent events in Mexico City.


a map-based representation that identifies world events based on data input from various news and social media outlets


Get file-based tasks EXPERTLY done.

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TeleSign is a communications platform as a service (CPaaS) company, founded on security. Since 2005, TeleSign has been a trusted partner to 20 of the top 25 global websites and mobile applications, helping secure billions of end-user accounts. Today, TeleSign’s data-driven, cloud communications platform is changing the way businesses engage with customers and prevent fraud. Get started at and follow us @TeleSign for more information.

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API World 2017 Hackathon

The API World 2017 Hackathon is the largest API hackathon in the world, kicking off the API World 2017 Conference & Expo.