IoT - Smart Device with Alexa and Flogo


Smart homes and devices are increasingly becoming popular, why not build your own smart device? Your challenge, should you choose to accept it is to enable smart IoT devices using Flogo Flows to enable interactions and intelligence between your device and the world. The IoT device can be an Arduino, Pi or a combination of the two, depending on your solution! For example, you can use Flogo to connect your device to one of the popular voice recognition systems (“Alexa, ask Flogo to turn on the lights”). Your solutions must deliver the event to the edge device and the edge device needs to understand the action to take.

Bonus Points:

Get yourself familiar with the Flogo, an Open Source Framework for Edge Apps at

Bonus Points:
Use some level of machine learning

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


$1500 Amazon Gift Card

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