Leverage users' location and activity to power your app


Users' location and/or activity data are very powerful in a variety of ways. Used creatively, they can add an extra layer of security, power social interactions, build immersive AR experiences, discover new places, empower community initiatives, make smart assistants smarter, geotag media, generate financial insights and much more.

Geofencing, live location sharing, order tracking, mileage and much more can be built using HyperTrack's flexible building blocks. Leverage your users' location and/or activity to add meaningful and disruptive value to your app.

Selection criteria:
1/ Functionality: is the app working
2/ Value: how useful is it for the app
3/ Creativity & depth: how are you leveraging HyperTrack’s tech?

1/ Code on github or bitbucket
2/ Screen recording video for demo



Common building blocks that you will find useful
Start tracking without writing a line of native mobile code (mobile)
sample barebones app that you can download right away
ios- https://github.com/hypertrack/ios-sdk-onboarding-swift
android- https://github.com/hypertrack/android-sdk-onboarding/

if you are looking for a sample app that has the map visual embedded (like this https://www.hypertrack.com/blog/2017/08/20/hypertrack-live-placeline/), you could use
ios- https://github.com/hypertrack/hypertrack-live-ios
android- https://github.com/hypertrack/hypertrack-live-android

either way you would just need to add your keys as described in https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/onboarding/sdk-ios;step=0.1 (ios) or https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/onboarding/sdk-android;step=0.1 (android)

Mock user movement (mobile)

Get data using APIs

Get current location of user (API)
Last_location property of User object (https://docs.hypertrack.com/api/entities/user.html#object-properties)

Get history of activity and location of user (API)
Notify if user goes to a certain place aka geofence (API)

Get map visuals
Show live location of multiple users (visual)
Track a specific action of a user with expected time and place (visual)

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon



Projects solving this challenge


BikeShare is an app to connect owners of underutilized bikes and short term bike users. Our aim is to reduce the need for cars by improving current methods of bike circulation. The app allows owners to retrieve their bike close to where they left them and also allows users to make one way/round trips to specific locations


We think about how places influences people's interaction, and we are creating a hyperlocal solution for communication and coordination, resulting in better travel experiences.

Organize Up

This project is created to help those who host events to better organize. Stay in contact with everyone at the same event without the need to exchange numbers


Augmento is a platform for realizing a social path time machine. This allows people to record and view paths created by others, where the path is annotated with social posts (tweets, pics, etc.). Turn on "record" and use your phone in a normal manner, posting to social services as desired. Stop recording when done. This path can be shared to others and viewed by their followers. Viewing presents an Augmented Reality display with a time scrubber to scan through and follow the path history.

Incident Command System (ICS)

The Incident Command System (ICS) is a standardized approach to the command, control, and coordination of volunteer response to disaster relief.


Remotely allows you to verify service providers that are entering your house from anywhere on your phone.


An Application to allow user make wise spending decisions based on his financial expenditure and current location. Github Repo : https://github.com/n3o-Bhushan/SpendWise


App to remind you to keep moving periodically. Research shows sitting or staying idle for long is as bad as smoking


Developing an intelligent app to help event manager (Wedding Planners) manage their clients more effectively by providing a personalized insight of theirs clients.

Meet Halfway

Meet Halfway is designed to let you know how close your friends are from your location, and to designate a meeting spot that is halfway from both of you.


Mobile app that in case of local emergency it will try to easily track cell phone and gps movement to validate users and peers to know people are allright, it will also enable users to upload photos and videos with location signed media to avoid Fake Reports. This idea was inspired by recent events in Mexico City.

Organizations hosting challenge


Use HyperTrack SDK in your app to get a user’s location (where they are), activity (what they are doing like walking, running, driving, stopped etc), and device health (how their device is doing). Easily, accurately and with near-zero battery consumption. You can access this data on mobile (SDK methods, native map visualisations), web (APIs, web visualisations) or on your server (webhooks). https://www.hypertrack.com/

Events specific to challenge

API World 2017 Hackathon

The API World 2017 Hackathon is the largest API hackathon in the world, kicking off the API World 2017 Conference & Expo.