RTC Hackathon


3 categories: 1) Most innovative API use case 2) Best API use case for the betterment of society 3) Best use case with complementary APIs

$1k prize per category

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


Projects solving this challenge

garage board

garage board is real time archetechtual tool for programmers and brain storm meetings. It fills the last missing piece of meeting efficiency by building a real time interactive whiteboard that is able to understand figures and words hand writing on the fly and able to convert everything to professional, editable and exportable formats. The whole experience is intuitive and there's not buttons for text box, figures, arrows etc. Everything is completed by machine learning technology.


Engaging students using video chat and interactive problems. Android App created using MyScript, Agora and Firebase.


A platform to connect with Mentors .

Align: Keeping Everyone on the Same Page

The goal of this application is to make a positive impact in the lives of our users by combining document e-signature capabilities with live, real time communication with the document’s author. Often we are wading through pages of extremely technical documentation at some of the most important times in our lives - home ownership, medical procedures, legal affairs, employment contracts. We hope to help alleviate at least a small part of the stress that can come with these events.

Home Alone

Security Camera that works


video chat application that dynamically provides prompts when certain words are mentioned.

Future of Interviews

Re-invent how interview process is being done. Using the Ubuntu instance provided by NetApps, we are using Veritone's AI engine and RealSense Camera capture to analyse how the candidate does during the interview. We are also using Agora's Conference facility to record the live video and setup real-time interview sessions. Overall goal is to do more meaningful interviews at your own pace and time - a win-win for both interviewers and interviewee's.


A better way to rideshare


Doctors must engage with patients to gain key insights into their health. Yet even during in-person visits, doctors spend much of the time entering data, leaving patients feeling unseen. MedSync enables doctors and patients to walk through health records together. Visits are documented through transcription and handwriting, and the doctor remains accessible via chat and video consultation. By making time for communication, MedSync is improving the quality of healthcare, one visit at a time.


While you are video-chatting, you could use your mouse or a touch-screen to write notes on the video itself. Technologies used: MyScript iink is a music streaming service that allows listeners to mine for cryptocurrency.

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DeveloperWeek 2018 SF Bay

This is the DeveloperWeek 2018 SF Bay Hackathon!