Smart Homes


Most people do a lot of activities when arriving at or leaving their homes. For example, they turn on/off the heating, oven, lights, check the traffic jams and travel times before they go to work... Many of those activities could be automatically planned in a smart way if we had smart homes which can predict when people will arrive at their homes or when they need to leave their homes. The TomTom Online Routing API and TomTom Online Batch Routing API will allow you to predict those arrival or departure times. This challenge allows creative developers to build innovative applications which can make homes smarter by knowing when people arrive at their homes or need to leave their homes. You can use the Map, Search and Routing modules in Maps SDKs for Android and iOS in combination with TomTom Online services to create such mobile apps.

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon



Projects solving this challenge

Home Alone

Security Camera that works


This project is a decentralized crypto to fiat ATM service. The problem it solves is that buying crypto with fiat is highly regulated and is perceived as a crime in the eyes of many governments. This project mitigates this and provides crypto enthusiasts a resource to find avenues where they can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with their fiat money without the government ever knowing.

Future of Interviews

Re-invent how interview process is being done. Using the Ubuntu instance provided by NetApps, we are using Veritone's AI engine and RealSense Camera capture to analyse how the candidate does during the interview. We are also using Agora's Conference facility to record the live video and setup real-time interview sessions. Overall goal is to do more meaningful interviews at your own pace and time - a win-win for both interviewers and interviewee's.

Captain Flint

Simplifying Kubernetes deployment, monitoring, and scaling.

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TomTom created the easy-to-use navigation device, one of the most influential inventions of all time. Since then, our software and navigation technologies have been powering over hundreds of millions of applications across the globe. From industry-leading location-based products and mapmaking technologies, to embedded automotive navigation solutions; innovative personal navigation devices and apps to advanced telematics fleet management and connected car services.

Events specific to challenge

DeveloperWeek 2018 SF Bay

This is the DeveloperWeek 2018 SF Bay Hackathon!

Technologies specific to this challenge

The Online Search APIs enable geocoding and searching for an address or place. By using fuzzy matching algorithms and auto-completion, Online Search APIs provide an excellent query interface for interacting directly with end-users. The following Online Search APIs are available: - Search - Geocoding - Reverse Geocoding - Filters

The Online Routing APIs enable planning a route from A to B, considering both historical and real-time traffic conditions. As a result, applications can provide users with highly accurate travel times and live updated travel information and route instructions for multiple transportation types such as cars, trucks, bicycle and pedestrians. The following Online Routing APIs are available: - Routing - Batch - Matrix

The Online Maps APIs enable static and interactive maps to be displayed in any mobile and/or web application. TomTom real-time map making technology provides users with the most accurate and up-to-date maps. The following Online Maps APIs are available: - Raster - Vector

TomTom’s world-class Traffic information can be displayed via the Online Traffic APIs in different styles and flavors. Traffic Flow or Traffic Incident information can be overlaid on top of the TomTom maps to visualize the congestion level, traffic jams, roadworks, blocked roads, closures and many more. Even more detailed information such as the length, delay, impacted street names and speeds of traffic jams can be provided and interactively used by applications.