Build secure and reliable mobile and IoT apps faster with the CA Mobile API Gateway


NOTE: For any of the following tasks you can come to our booth and we will provide you the instance that you may need to deploy the trial's Docker image.

Task 1: $500

Download and install the Server side MASDocker following instructions from Github (

Task 2: $500

- Create a client app using the Mobile Developer Console available via the server installed in Task1
- For iOS project, download the template available via the developer console or from Github ( TemplateInstaller folder.

- Create an iOS app using the Basic template from CA Technologies (currently only for iOS projects) and with the client app config file (msso_config.json) you created in the step above.

- Add MASFoundation and MASUI to the project using Cocoapods. For Android project please use JCenter
- Call the protected endpoint ("/protected/resource/products") using the MASRequest builder as showing in the docs (

In case of Android app use the following docs:

P.S. Authenticate with any credentials available in the MASDocker Github repo.

Task 3: $1000
Transferring a session from one app (authenticated) to another (not authenticated).

Create another app (App B) with the same code as App A but when the login screen appears select the QR Code button available out of box. This will display the QR Code to be scanned by an authenticated app.

From the App A (authenticated user) create a button to read / scan the QR Code from the new App B login screen. If everything is done right, the session from App A will be shared with the App B that will authenticated after the QR Code be scanned.

More Info:
Mobile API Gateway documentation:

CA developers forum

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Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


$2000 divided between the successful completion of the different tasks.

Projects solving this challenge


This project is a decentralized crypto to fiat ATM service. The problem it solves is that buying crypto with fiat is highly regulated and is perceived as a crime in the eyes of many governments. This project mitigates this and provides crypto enthusiasts a resource to find avenues where they can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with their fiat money without the government ever knowing.

Events specific to challenge

DeveloperWeek 2018 SF Bay

This is the DeveloperWeek 2018 SF Bay Hackathon!