Analyze data and help cryptocurrency traders make profitable buy / sell decisions.


Develop innovative apps that provide analyses of data to aid cryptocurrency traders make informed buying and selling decisions in cryptocurrency.

CG Blockchain is unveiling a new app store for cryptocurrency traders, the Blockchain Terminal. Its mission is to make best-of-breed apps available to traders so that they can make well-informed decisions and execute attendant trades in an expedient, compliant, and immutable fashion. This is a critical enabler for the multi-trillion dollar hedge fund industry to capitalize on the revolutionizing growth of decentralized asset management.

The challenge is to craft an innovative application that helps traders monitor, chart, and effectively execute trades in the cryptocurrency space. In essence, this entails any app that provides traders with a competitive edge by creatively utilizing a mashup of price data, social media trending data, and other feeds relating to cryptocurrencies.

This challenge entails creating an innovative web-based app of any kind that will appeal to crypto traders. It may comprise new data sources, analytics tools, improved algorithms, and innovative means of collecting, dissecting, and filtering social media and other available data.

Please use API resources found at this link:

What You Need to Do:

Build a web app.
Go to the following link:
Enter your name and email address
Post the URL for your application submission
Post your related source code on Github, and provide link

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


$20,000 in cash or 20,000 in BCT token for the winning app - your choice.

Projects solving this challenge


Crypfolio applies Modern Portfolio Theory to the volatile cryptocurrency market. Utilizing Markowitz curves and bootstrapping methods, Crypfolio offers an easy to read web-app for users to make informed long investing decisions.

ICEX - Initial Coin Exchange

Every month, hundreds of ICOs are being created. In November 2017, we saw an all-time monthly high of $743 million for ICOs. ICEX - Initial Coin Exchange provides traders with a platform to make informed trading decisions for initial coin offerings (ICOs). We aggregate research across multiple sources into one interface to provide investors the right information to determine risk profiles while making investments in ICOs.


This project is a decentralized crypto to fiat ATM service. The problem it solves is that buying crypto with fiat is highly regulated and is perceived as a crime in the eyes of many governments. This project mitigates this and provides crypto enthusiasts a resource to find avenues where they can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with their fiat money without the government ever knowing.


Create an arbitrage app that outputs the best exchange to use for your currency of choice


Aggregates social media trends from multiple sources and aids users in their analysis of which cryptocurrency to invest in.


A better way to rideshare

React Cryptograph

Cryptograph is a robust javascript library designed to easily add cryptocurrency market graphs to any web application. With its user friendly API and high degree of customization, cryptograph can also be used to quickly create future cryptotrading platforms and exchanges.


Blockchain + NetApp


Casual crypto-currency Trader platform in VR/AR. Winner of the Grand prize $20,000 @ Developer Week 2018 : BTC Terminal Project Description and technologies : Ai powered crypto-currency trading desk for casual day traders. Predict and track multiple coins and make real time trades on our custom VR / AR platform.

Nostradamus 2.0

we aim to solve predict the crypto stock market prices and provide better insights to users. We use LSTM's to predict the prices. We have a neat looking UI for the user.


AlphaBayesCrypto (ABC) provides purchase advice potentially inferred on a high number of variables. Our project allows you to track trading values in seconds using Tensorflow, Baysian Modeling and Probalistic Programming for inference. ABC provides a live dashboard that helps investors capture alpha true Baysian Modeling.


A web based application that will provide crypto currency traders with trading signals in (almost) real time.

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DeveloperWeek 2018 SF Bay

This is the DeveloperWeek 2018 SF Bay Hackathon!