Build a GitHub App That Helps Developers w/ + Probot


For this hackathon challenge, we’re looking for new and interesting ways to help developers through automation! How can you hack’s existing automation and workflow to automate something new? Your challenge is to use the GitHub API + Probot framework to create a GitHub App that helps developers and development teams through automation. This is a great opportunity to solve something that’s been bugging you! Not only can you win a cash prize, you can also publish your own App on GitHub!

The second round of judging (by will use the following approach: Usefulness (50 pts), Works w/ (20 pts), Originality (20 pts), Polish (10 pts).

For more tips, examples, and resources to help make a winning project, see

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


The winning team will receive $3001 in Visa gift cards + swag!

Projects solving this challenge Challenge Frying the competition with our buttery flakey crust


Fantastic Five: Shijit, Andrew, Wendy, Al, Shivani

Organizations hosting challenge empowers development teams by automating the way they track work so that they stay aligned with each other and their organization without frustration. provides powerful automation the issues, branches, and pull requests you're already creating in GitHub, providing a single view of your work across multiple repos on your Waffle board. is free for open source.

Events specific to challenge

DeveloperWeek NY 2018 Hackathon

This is the official hackathon of DeveloperWeek NY 2018. Get more info here: