Smart Cities: Ways to improve infrastructure


Cities evolve constantly, but in most cases, it's still only city councils and various committees that decide on the scope, schedule and nature of changes made to city infrastructure. The decision makers could be greatly helped by an app that would let people rate the places they visit or pass every day on their way to work or school and suggest improvements (renovation, creation of green spaces, etc.). The app should consider the direction from where the user is coming. User ratings could then be combined with traffic information and the density of nearby attractions (shops, cinemas, monuments, etc.) to identify which places/elevations would be best the candidates for improvement. Decision makers could thereby focus on improving the everyday lives of people by making small incremental changes in their surroundings.

You can use the Map, Search, Routing and Traffic APIs and SDKs to create this app on mobile or web. The TomTom Maps APIs and SDKs (for Web/JavaScript, Android, iOS) are available on and can be used for free once you create an account.

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On-Site Hackathon


$2,000 cash prize.

Projects solving this challenge

Fix The City

Fix Your City connects denizens with city managers

Næbo - by Team JAAM

A two-pronged tool to 1.) help citizens submit, track, and raise awareness of local infrastructural issues they see in their day-to-day lives with local governing bodies and 2.) register the location of individuals/families during disastrous emergencies.

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