Secure Payment Tool for Waves


A lot of users all over the world want to pay on e-commerce websites with cryptocurrencies. Waves is great for payments because it's fast and cheap. We want payment experience to be both smooth AND safe. There're several ways to do that, we can think of browser extension(like metamask for Ethereum) or standalone app(like Enpass password management tool), which allow to sign transfer/data transaction of Waves and send to the network. The mechanics should work as follows: when a user wants to buy something from a store, upon pressing "Checkout" button, extension(or an app) should popup with a filled amount, a recipient(and whatever else is needed to process and later identify the payment) and a "Confirm" button. Upon confirmation, a new transaction should be published.

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


500 WAVES (~$1750) for the winner

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UWave is an innovative technology that plans to tackle the difficulty every-day users have with transfering cryptocurrencies. The idea is to enable easy, fast, and secure transactions to be initiated on the behalf of users, much like a credit card. UWave uses YubiKey technology to generate OTPs for others to transfer money out of your account with your permission. UWave uses Smart Contracts to obviscate the transfer of money, enabling private transactions to stay private even on the blockchain.

Simplified Checkout with Waves

Simplified & secure framework for developers to integrate in their applications to allow their users to easily checkout with Waves.

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Waves Platform

Waves is a decentralised platform with loads of real-world solutions running on the blockchain. A number of well-known projects have been launched on the Waves blockchain, including a then record-breaking $53 million token sale by MobileGo and 3000 BTC by Primalbase. Since its launch Waves is working to fulfill its vision of creating a truly unique blockchain product that will be an industry standard in providing the most versatile and straightforward tokenization tools for everyday use.

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DeveloperWeek NY 2018 Hackathon

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