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Agora RTC App Challenge: Build an app or Website that uses the Agora real-time-communications (RTC) platform. Use RTC to solve a real-world problem, re-invent the future, or simply be creative!

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On-Site Hackathon

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For the first place winners $2500

Projects solving this challenge


Table 16: Oursight Building personalized user trust with the brands of tomorrow What: We help companies truly connect and understand the needs of their customers while rewarding consumers with tailored and personalized products Data marketplace/ Consumer Insights Platform Augment your CRM with Real Consumer feedback Problem Companies want: High quality Regulatory Compliant Ethically Sourced Real Time Data about their existing or future user base Live Feedback and Validate PMFIT


Platform for sharing supply chains.


70 million people in this world are mute and 466 million people are deaf, yet only ~300,000 people know or can interpret American Sign Language. Typing is painfully slow, unexpressive, and requires a keyboard + unoccupied hands. American Sign Language, however, is beautifully expressive and amazingly expedient. SignPost combines real-time video/audio communication and AI gesture-recognition to give a voice to those that don't have one.


Collaboration has been a hallmark in the rise of human civilization. Globalized workforces, remote teams, and the burden of travel have disrupted our connections. GathAR brings remote peers together in a shared augmented reality space. Agora provides the conduit. Digital assets can be jointly viewed, commented on, and annotated. From a distant doctor's MRI evaluation, to a remote team's product review, to a wedding planner augmenting a hall for a client, GathAR will transform our collaboration.


Screen sharing + real time chat in a content rich augmented reality scene.


AccountabiliBuddy allows users to set goals and check in with friends who will help hold them accountable for making progress on their goals. Users can conduct check-in meetings within the App using the video chat feature powered by Agora. Users may also take advantage of a monetary incentive in which they commit to donating money to a charity if they fail to follow through with their scheduled check-in meeting.

NoBlankImg is a decentralized image CDN service. Think Cloudinary meets IPFS. Problem: Blockchain tokens, images, assets are very difficult to retrieve forcing most developers to copy/paste similar imagery across many repositories. It also proliferates images that may not represent the brand well. Solution: NoBlankImg allows developers to use the CDN to deliver peer validated and uploaded imagery, with graceful auto-generated fallback images based on known blockchain meta data.

SailPoint Chat

Harness the power of Agora to bring real time chat capabilities to the SailPoint Platform

Query Guru

When you are stuck in writing SQL during the hackathon, you can contact me through Query Guru.

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API World 2018 Hackathon

This is the official hackathon of API World 2018