Build an innovation application using OData API from Progress Hybrid Data Pipeline


Business applications need data, but to build them efficiently and get them in the hands of users, developers can’t spend hours custom coding one data connection at a time. They need to integrate applications and data quickly, no matter where that data lives; on-site, in the cloud, or both. Hybrid Data Pipeline is a data access service that simplifies integration by connecting directly to the data. This provides applications the ability to use SQL or OData to perform real-time access to on-premises and cloud data.

In this challenge, you are required to use Progress Hybrid Data Pipeline’s OData API in your application and will be judged based on "Best use of OData API", which may include how well you have made use of OData’s Interoperability, advanced query capabilities and other features of OData. Your project will be judged by Progress's Engineers.

Your project can be a mobile/web/serverless apps or a chatbot or any data integration app or any app that you can imagine. Feel free to chat with us about your project and we would be happy to guide you.

To get started, all the interested hackathon attendees must contact us at our booth (108) or email Saikrishna ( for the login credentials of Hybrid Data Pipeline. We encourage you to take advantage of Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline OData API in your app with any other challenge in the hackathon.



Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


1st – $1500
2nd – $500
3rd - $250

Projects solving this challenge


Table 16: Oursight Building personalized user trust with the brands of tomorrow What: We help companies truly connect and understand the needs of their customers while rewarding consumers with tailored and personalized products Data marketplace/ Consumer Insights Platform Augment your CRM with Real Consumer feedback Problem Companies want: High quality Regulatory Compliant Ethically Sourced Real Time Data about their existing or future user base Live Feedback and Validate PMFIT


Get the best deal on textbooks


Platform for sharing supply chains.

Swim for Fitness

One of the keys to living a happy, health and long life is physical fitness. Swimming is an excellent way to achieve and maintain that fitness. Swim for Fitness is an iOS app which provides tools for goal setting and exercise tracking as well as providing encouragement when needed


Give the power of big data back to the people/consumer. All major retail companies collect data on individual consumer behavior. These big corporations know more about individual consumer spending habits than the individual herself. pricePower app allows a consumer to take a picture of receipts and upload it to the cloud. The cloud aggregates purchase information and provides the consumer information to shop more intelligently.

NoBlankImg is a decentralized image CDN service. Think Cloudinary meets IPFS. Problem: Blockchain tokens, images, assets are very difficult to retrieve forcing most developers to copy/paste similar imagery across many repositories. It also proliferates images that may not represent the brand well. Solution: NoBlankImg allows developers to use the CDN to deliver peer validated and uploaded imagery, with graceful auto-generated fallback images based on known blockchain meta data.

EBook Library

Client Application to harmonize eBooks data across on-line libraries.

US Department of State Ebook Catalog

Build a mobile app that exposes the Office of the Historian Ebook Catalog of the U.S Department of State.

Query Guru

When you are stuck in writing SQL during the hackathon, you can contact me through Query Guru.

My Journal

Our goal is to develop a web application to help people with chronic illness track their daily health. The information gathered could then be used by the patient, doctors, or other health professionals to track the course of treatment. Leveraging the Progress DirectData - Hybrid Data Pipeline, it will be possible to share patient data with medical researchers around the world, using the Open Data Protocol (OData) This application will be designed to support a wide range of web enabled devices.

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API World 2018 Hackathon

This is the official hackathon of API World 2018