The Home Depot’s Core Values Challenge


In the same way that The Home Depot’s products help people build homes and projects, the eight core values we uphold as a company help us build a strong business and culture. Our nearly 300,000 associates share The Home Depot’s “orange-blooded” culture, which encourages inclusion, passion, and respect both within our company and our communities.

How can technology be used to exemplify one or more of The Home Depot’s core company values?

1. Taking Care of Our People
2. Excellent Customer Service
3. Building Strong Relationships
4. Entrepreneurial Spirit
5. Respect for All People
6. Creating Shareholder Value
7. Doing the Right Thing
8. Giving Back

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


First place team: Oculus Rifts
Second place team: GoPro Hero
Third place team: Google Home

Max prizes of 5/team

Projects solving this challenge

Home Depot Cornerstone

Cornerstone is a one-stop shop for Home Depot's community and volunteer services. Their current user journey to find community resources and volunteer opportunities is difficult and unintuitive. By creating a landing page that encompasses the core avenues: get help and give help, we're creating a very simple way to get involved in our communities through Home Depot's various programs.

Google Gather

Google Gather transforms meeting coordination. Meet Google Mod, your new teammate. Google Mod transcribes speech and moderates your meetings with roll calls, agendas, agile workflows, meeting minutes, and action reports. Say goodbye to notetakers, and say hello to Google Mod!


LecScribe is a Lecture Transcribing Web App for students to transcribe their Professor's lectures. After uploading an audio mp3 file, LecScribe transcribes the audio and creates a graphical timeline, placing a timestamp next to each paragraph spoken by the Professor. The student has the option to save the timeline in pdf format. Also, URL's are automatically inserted for Noteworthy Names, Places, and Dates worth researching further.

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