Best Use of RevSpeech API


RevSpeech is the most accurate speech-to-text API on the market. Create a novel and interesting use of the RevSpeech API. The most well executed and interesting usage of our API will win our prize.

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


$1000 per Teammate

Projects solving this challenge


Translates meetings/keynotes/etc. and emails out to several international audiences.

Google Gather

Google Gather transforms meeting coordination. Meet Google Mod, your new teammate. Google Mod transcribes speech and moderates your meetings with roll calls, agendas, agile workflows, meeting minutes, and action reports. Say goodbye to notetakers, and say hello to Google Mod!

Speech Scrubber

Speech Scrubber is a handy web application to transcribe audio files and to see a transcript displayed that lets you click on the transcript to jump to the respective time in the audio clip. We utilize the Rev.AI speech to text API to transcribe audio files then provide extra functionality to jump to the relevant part of the audio file that you want.


LecScribe is a Lecture Transcribing Web App for students to transcribe their Professor's lectures. After uploading an audio mp3 file, LecScribe transcribes the audio and creates a graphical timeline, placing a timestamp next to each paragraph spoken by the Professor. The student has the option to save the timeline in pdf format. Also, URL's are automatically inserted for Noteworthy Names, Places, and Dates worth researching further.


Roxyy scrapes podcast rss feeds and transcribes them with Rev Speech API to create a new advertising/content experience.

Bard's Birthright

Medical assistance and transcription tool. Records appointments between medical professionals and patients and uses speech-to-text to convert conversation into appointment notes.

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