Best live-streaming integration in a playback app using the Wowza GoCoder SDK for iOS


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Tools and technology provided:
• Wowza GoCoder iOS SDK with playback.
• Wowza Streaming Cloud
• Code samples.
• Developer tools and tutorials.
• Support from Wowza developers.

Steps to take prior to hackathon:

1). Review the Using the iOS GoCoder SDK Sample App Lab Exercise here.


This lab has all of the links to download the Free GoCoder SDK as well as sign up for trial to use Wowza Streaming Cloud. Reviewing this lab will facilitate using working code that does Broadcast and Playback as well as some other features such as text and image overlay. You will need to actually deploy the app to a device to use this SDK.

FYI - Simulators do not have access to camera). Two devices will be needed, one for broadcast and one for playback.

2). Follow lab instructions Build your own iOS Broadcast and Playback apps here.


This lab will provide instructions using Xcode and Objective C to build a broadcast and playback app. Two devices will be needed, one for broadcast and one for playback.

More information -

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


1st Prize $500 - Amazon Gift Card
2nd Prize $200 - Amazon Gift Card
Wowza Swag Bag - $300 Value

Projects solving this challenge


Your second eyes anywhere, a photo streaming app . Connect any two points on earth in an instant and on demand with reVision.


PhotoBot is an automated photographer for events. It consists of a Canon camera and Raspberry Pi mounted on a motorized robot, and an App for entering events. The Pi controls the camera, converts media, broadcasts on Wowza, moves the robot, and provides an API. Photos are processed with Clarifai to identify people. The App scans for local geofence regions using TomTom. You can enter an associated event, sign a model release with Docusign, watch a Wowza feed, snap photos, and view your pics.

Hack Squad

Hack Squad is a decentralized hackathon-style challenge platform that programmatically vets technologists and matches them to your specific challenge's needs. We make it easy to get the right innovators and technologists immersed into your technology continuously.


Our platform analyzes video data and alerts relevant parties & authorities about local incidents in a real time. During the hackathon, we created ROADLIFE that uses AI to analyze video data from traffic cameras to automatically alert authorities and improve response time.

Organizations hosting challenge

Wowza Media Systems

Wowza Media Systems™ is the recognized gold standard of streaming, with more than 20,000 customers in 170+ countries. By reducing the complexities of video and audio delivery to any device, Wowza™ enables organizations to expand their reach and more deeply engage their audiences, in industries ranging from education to broadcasting. Wowza was founded in 2005, is privately held, and is headquartered in Colorado. For more information, please visit