Best Use of the DocuSign eSignature API


Whether you’re looking for a simple eSignature integration or building a complex workflow, DocuSign has you covered. Integrate our secure, trusted eSignature API to sign documents, request signatures, and automate your forms and data. You can also perform multi-factor authentication, download sealed documents, and track status in real-time, all directly from your app or website.

For a general product overview of DocuSign, watch this video.

We are looking for novel hacks that involve preparing, signing, sending, and managing the status of “digital envelopes.”

Winning hacks will likely incorporate at least one of the following advanced DocuSign API features into their project:
• Authentication
• Connect/Event Notifications
• Embedded Signing
• Composite Templates
• DocuSign Payments

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For all API documentation, guides, and code examples, check out the DocuSign Developer Center.

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Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


1st Place: $2500 Cash; VIP Developer Passes to DocuSign Momentum Conference in San Francisco; Winning team will be featured in the DocuSign Developer Newsletter and will be showcased on DocuSign's social media platforms.
2nd Place: $1000 Cash
3rd Place: $500 Cash

Projects solving this challenge


Success of companies like Airbnb, Uber or Scoop nudges us to consider the collaborative consumption - a shared economy where peers share assets & resources! As Kelsa, we want to share skills & get jobs done using this philosophy. Whether you chose to work or get work done - Our on-demand skillshare application will sort you out Simply list your skills and availablity and our database will hook you up with gigs up for grabs & earn a living your way! While we ensure a secure contracting & paym


KidsNNanny is an application to simplify the process of hiring nanny and gain a peace of mind about the location and safety of their nanny and children.


A document sign off platform that allows users and companies to post documents to be signed, video conference( broadcasting) and collectively sign these documents (DocuSign embedded signing, iframe and payments), and analyse the sentiment of signers throughout the process(clarifai custom trained model) connects blood donors with patients in need of urgent donations. Donors register by verifying their identity with DocuSign Phone Authentication, certifying their eligibility to donate with DocuSign Embedded Signing and Custom Branding, and sharing their location into a blockchain-backed database using NEAR. Medical professionals can then log in with a Yubikey OTP to locate eligible donors within a certain range of the hospital's geofence, and even provide directions.


Do you know which third parties are using your health data? MyHealth is putting the control back in your hands, providing a secure platform where only you can access your data via personal hardware authentication. Third parties may request access, which you can approve or deny after reviewing a customized agreement. Other health services can also integrate with the platform without having to store sensitive data. You decide who gets your health data, why they have it, and when they can use it.

Simple Doctor

Simple doctor simplify the process of getting the prescription in just 5 minutes. With our app, you only need to tell us the problem, answer few questions, and our AI and doctor will be responding to your problem and write an online prescription for you that send to the pharmacy directly so they can send the medicines right in front of your door. The whole process took less than 2 hours


DOCU-SPARX is a web/mobile app to make document reporting more efficient, precise & streamlined for users, departments, agencies & other organizations. (i.e. First Responders, Law Enforcements, Insurance, Coroners/Medical Examiners, Victims, etc.) Incorporating photos, videos & media to the documents via DocuSign, photos (Canon), mapping (TomTom) & videos (Wowza). DOCU-SPARX making documentations & reporting easy & measurable. SLIDES:


PhotoBot is an automated photographer for events. It consists of a Canon camera and Raspberry Pi mounted on a motorized robot, and an App for entering events. The Pi controls the camera, converts media, broadcasts on Wowza, moves the robot, and provides an API. Photos are processed with Clarifai to identify people. The App scans for local geofence regions using TomTom. You can enter an associated event, sign a model release with Docusign, watch a Wowza feed, snap photos, and view your pics.

Create and Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) using Alexa

Create Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) b/w 2 parties using Alexa and DocuSign. 1) Add a contact on with an email and name. (ex Sandra) 2) Say - Alexa, ask "My Lawyer" to send NDA to "Sandra" 3) An email is then sent to the user (who invokes the skill) with a link. 4) Click the link to invoke simple REST APIs to initiate the DocuSign flow (create envelope, use template) 5) An email is sent by DocuSign to user. User fills data and signs. 6) Sandra then signs and NDA is completed.


RoboSitter is a content mediator chrome extension and web app that allows parents to whitelist internet content to help limit exposure from unsafe content. DocuSign: handle legal liabilities for capturing user images using Embedded Signing, Composite Template Utilize streaming service to capture video for facial authentication Clarifai: Train Admin model to recognize parent from children and who has authority to edit whitelist content Yubico: U2F authentication with YubiKey


SaS platform that allows integrators to visually design complex workflows with different task types, including "sign" (using DocuSign ), "notify by email", "call web service", others task types will be added. Once designed, the workflow is invoked as a service from another system. This solution allows to add complex process flows to existing systems with minimal effort. Uses the DocuSign Create Envelope API to send an email with a link to a document to sign.


DocuSign Powered Digitization of Documents Target Consumer: Government, Enterprise Problem: A lot of businesses and government maintain a lot of physical documents that are signed by multiple stakeholders. This creates a set of pain points such as : 1. Physical docs is susceptible to damage. 2. Physical signature decay over time (paper/ink). 3. Consequences of losing docs are here. (Immigration/banking docs esp) Solve: Digitizing Physical Docs using DocuSign! Docs For Life!

Influencer AI

Influence AI allows anyone to easily become an influencer. Additionally, brands can easily identify and develop an influencer network. Using DocuSign, we showcase our machine learning-enabled contract signing. Influencer AI automatically detects an existing influencer relationship using Clarifai, and identifies the need for legal documentation to be drafted between influencer and brand. The tokenization of the image on the Near protocol allows control of the licensing of the IP.


ClariSign is an app that helps businesses to secure the delivery with the facial recognition. The end user signs up using his contact details, pictures and verifies the mobile number. Online store usage+delivery service: choosing "secure delivery" the shopper will receive a package only after signing an e-form and successfully completing the face recognition After acquiring the signature, we send the form data to the server, and obtain the url--then we present it with a POWERFORM.

Express Delivery

Efficiently delivering Goods.


Pandemic aims to prevent the spread of diseases by crowdsourcing data from hospitals, making these diagnoses available to doctors starting from patient 0. With real time disease trends (HERE technologies), doctors can more accurately respond to cases by ordering the correct diagnostics. Pandemic also be notifies doctors if a case should be reported to CDC by law and allow them to seamlessly complete and send the form on the platform (DocuSign).


Sepio is an app that allows teachers to plan and map their field trips, automatically send field trip liability waivers to parents. Parents can easily access and sign the Docu-sign wavier through text. After signing, parents then get redirected to a web page showing their Teacher’s field trip plans, maps, and routes using the HERE API. Also, with TomTom geofencing and, If the child travels outside the field trip zone, they get an automatic video call.

Field Trip Manager

Simple Field Trip App to help Teachers and Parents set up field trips using Here API and DocuSign API.


Customized Home Security App

X MaRks

Incorporating multiple challenges from HERE, Yubico, DocuSign, and Near

You Snooze, You Lose

You Snooze, You Lose is a mobile alarm app that helps you to wake up in the morning by making it costly to hit snooze. The alarm will continue ringing until you are out of bed to take a picture of a specified household item (checked using Clarifai). If snooze is chosen, you will be directed to sign a document legally binding you to pay a friend or donate to an organization before the alarm is disabled.


Security Logging Alerting Monitoring for start ups. Proactive monitoring log tool that will also give recommendations based on the security threats and alerts. Using the open source tool ELK stack to do the logging and monitoring. Yubi key and Docu sign to increase security and authenticity of application.


RentrLoc adds multi-factor security to leases and short-term rentals. Renters upload an image of themselves, sign and pay the agreement with DocuSign and authenticate themselves with their Yubikey, which becomes their unique identifier, and key to the apartment. The user also uploads one or more pictures of themselves. When the renters show up to access the apartment, they verify their identity using their Yubikey and their face using Clarifai. Table number: 139 Floor: 5


Users of our proofreading service (e.g. bloggers) want us to keep their work confidential, so with the help of DocuSign, we implemented an efficient process for a customer to request an NDA from us: A customer enters their name and email address into a web form. Using DocuSign's Node.js, we load a generic NDA (pdf); add Text (customer name), DateSigned, and SignHere tabs; email a signing request to ourselves (Signer), then email the signed NDA via CertifiedDelivery to our customers.

Pinky Promise Contracts

Create tiny binding pinky promises in a couple of seconds.

PNI Elementary School Portal

PNI online school portal will enable communication for important documents which might be tedious to manage physically by students/parents/teachers. Parents can sign report card of their children online sent by Teachers while teachers can approve/decline leave requests with signature submitted by parents via same portal. Documents:


WebApp that aims to reduce stress in emergency scenarios or natural disasters by helping our users find help and safety. Store vital documents in case of an emergency and be able to access them securely.


A decentralized application that facilitates interactions between clients and attorneys.




The Athlete-Tracker is an administrative tool for managing and tracking race events. User registers, signs waiver & pays (DocuSign) Admin receives shows registration, payment, & signature (DocuSign) Admin starts race & tracks progress (tomotom & here)

My Journal

MyJournal is a daily health / symptom tracker. Uses Google Sheets, and json to store and analyze user-generated data to give longitudinal views of medical history Uses Docusign APIs to verify patient consent and doctor approval, useful when patients are participating in private disability insurance programs and / or subsidized prescription drugs Deployment is light and easy - can be submitted via Docusign for doctor review by email - and the app is mobile-friendly

Organizations hosting challenge


DocuSign helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act-on, and manage agreements. As part of its cloud-based System of Agreement Platform, DocuSign offers eSignature—the world’s #1 way to sign electronically on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time.