Canon Hackathon Challenge


Get access to Canon’s all new Camera Control API and develop a creative application of your own. The CCAPI is a RESTful API that connects via Wi-Fi to simplify integration. Create a working application in a clean format. The application must be considered to be the best use case of the CCAPI provided. The application you design is entirely up to you. The most creative and impressive use of Canon’s CCAPI will win. Canon will award efficiency creativity and innovation as the deciding factors in the use case. Essentially use the functionality of the CCAPI to create the best Image Acquisition and/or Remote Camera Control application that you can think of.

Grading Criteria
25 points: Use of the API
30 points: Innovation
30 points: Creativity
15 points: Presentation
Extra Credit for Scalability
Extra Credit for Marketability

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


1ST Place – $3500 Canon Gift Card
2nd Place - $1000 Canon Gift Card

Projects solving this challenge


Do you know which third parties are using your health data? MyHealth is putting the control back in your hands, providing a secure platform where only you can access your data via personal hardware authentication. Third parties may request access, which you can approve or deny after reviewing a customized agreement. Other health services can also integrate with the platform without having to store sensitive data. You decide who gets your health data, why they have it, and when they can use it.


Using Canon API and Clarifai to identify good / spoiled fruits

Camera communicator

Camera communicator allows users to control their Canon camera using voice commands received by an Amazon Alexa device. Photographers can now control camera features such as zoom and flash as well as take pictures without accessing the camera. Since it's hands free, users can snap photos while engaging in various activities.


Sequence makes creating stop motion animations a breeze by combining an easy to use web interface with Canon's powerful CCAPI.


DOCU-SPARX is a web/mobile app to make document reporting more efficient, precise & streamlined for users, departments, agencies & other organizations. (i.e. First Responders, Law Enforcements, Insurance, Coroners/Medical Examiners, Victims, etc.) Incorporating photos, videos & media to the documents via DocuSign, photos (Canon), mapping (TomTom) & videos (Wowza). DOCU-SPARX making documentations & reporting easy & measurable. SLIDES:


Integrating the Canon and Clarifai API's. All built from scratch at Hackathon!


PhotoBot is an automated photographer for events. It consists of a Canon camera and Raspberry Pi mounted on a motorized robot, and an App for entering events. The Pi controls the camera, converts media, broadcasts on Wowza, moves the robot, and provides an API. Photos are processed with Clarifai to identify people. The App scans for local geofence regions using TomTom. You can enter an associated event, sign a model release with Docusign, watch a Wowza feed, snap photos, and view your pics.

Influencer AI

Influence AI allows anyone to easily become an influencer. Additionally, brands can easily identify and develop an influencer network. Using DocuSign, we showcase our machine learning-enabled contract signing. Influencer AI automatically detects an existing influencer relationship using Clarifai, and identifies the need for legal documentation to be drafted between influencer and brand. The tokenization of the image on the Near protocol allows control of the licensing of the IP.


An AI-powered photo collection app.

Team Executable

We are building a micro-mobility navigation and perception stack utilizing Canon,, Here and TomTom for redundant and safe city navigation machines.

Bot Whisperer

Access the camera and it’s fuction thru a chatbot , Facebook and Alexa Take a picture, zoom in , zoom out, change mode between video and picture , shoot picture , record a video and stop a video These functions can be accessed from text chat from your website, or Facebook messenger or Alexa echo devices thru a voice.

GazeOgrapher/GazeOgraphy by, Inc.

Photography for everyone. Whether you're right-handed, or left-handed, or no-handed, you can use the gaze tracker feature on your mobile device to control the image taking process with Canon's Camera Control API (CCAPI), utilizing HTTP protocol over WiFi transmission.