Guide Me with HERE: Build a location aware application powered by HERE APIs


Get creative and use location to solve complex everyday problems. From routing to tracking & positioning, there are countless ways to add location enablement to your solution. Projects submitted must use at least one HERE API to be eligible. Submissions will be judged on the originality and level of innovation.

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


The best use of HERE APIs will win a new Samsung Gear S3 watch for each team member, featuring the HERE WeGo app within Tizen OS.

Projects solving this challenge


Have you ever thought about food as you are coding away? I have, all the times. If you just want a quick bite, foodnow is the best tool for you. First, install the node package: `npm install foodnow` Now, whenever you want food, simply type `foodnow` in your terminal and you will get the closest food places to you, calculated by the most robust geolocation and routing APIs.


Success of companies like Airbnb, Uber or Scoop nudges us to consider the collaborative consumption - a shared economy where peers share assets & resources! As Kelsa, we want to share skills & get jobs done using this philosophy. Whether you chose to work or get work done - Our on-demand skillshare application will sort you out Simply list your skills and availablity and our database will hook you up with gigs up for grabs & earn a living your way! While we ensure a secure contracting & paym


An ultramodern transportation project that seeks to optimize and revolutionize urban commute. Beginning with flying cars, we seek to connect the people to the most efficient rides for their commute without fostering Monopoly of a particular transport company connects blood donors with patients in need of urgent donations. Donors register by verifying their identity with DocuSign Phone Authentication, certifying their eligibility to donate with DocuSign Embedded Signing and Custom Branding, and sharing their location into a blockchain-backed database using NEAR. Medical professionals can then log in with a Yubikey OTP to locate eligible donors within a certain range of the hospital's geofence, and even provide directions.


Quotidien lets you plan and visualize your day. Watch your schedule unfold on an interactive map and get updates on weather.


Using the Clarifai API in conjunction with the HERE API, we created a product that can identify any creature you encounter on your next hike. After the user uploads a picture from their photo library of the animal, the Clarifai API identifies what creature is in the photograph. The HERE API then pinpoints the location where the photo was taken and pins that location to the user’s personal library. As more users add pictures, there is a larger library of pictures that can be sorted by location an

Simple Doctor

Simple doctor simplify the process of getting the prescription in just 5 minutes. With our app, you only need to tell us the problem, answer few questions, and our AI and doctor will be responding to your problem and write an online prescription for you that send to the pharmacy directly so they can send the medicines right in front of your door. The whole process took less than 2 hours


Compare food items once you enter a food court or a mall quickly and easily.

Prxmty - The Social Location Platform

A Platform for location-based games and applications. We've created a simple Jedi-Wars game to show off the platforms ability to track users and initiate "battles" based on geo-fenced arenas - but this platform is not just for simple games like this! Using HERE API, GraphQL Subscriptions, Hasura and Serverless events this platform bring all the required elements to get a location-based app off the ground quickly!

Pigeon Mailing System

The project tries give a sense of experience using pigeons as means of message transport how it was back in the past. The system has real-time communication backend that coordinates messages and synchronize locations of pigeons and their owners on the map. Anyone can join and have 5 pigeons to start. Anytime a pigeon sent it flies realtime on the map and its location is available to observe.


"Find the perfect spot for your next local business" We’ve all heard the saying “location location location”, but finding the right spot for your business is hard. Many local businesses struggle because they pick a location without any data to back it up. Lokal combines data from HERE Maps and public data sources to give you insights on where your business can reach the most customers and succeed. The app is deployed on Linode.


Mobile app for identifying clothes from images by using the CLARIFAI & HERE APIs.


mixAR is a new way of experiencing music and the world around you. Users of mixAR will be able to compose their own mix route of their favorite music and routes, while another user will be able to select a specific mix once they enter a geofence. mixAR then will take you on a specified route. When the user reaches a geocache they can either stay on their current mix or start another mix. mixAR is made on the Bose AR headset, which allows you to select mixes without looking at your phone.

Pub Crawlr

Given your location, this app will generate a list of bars within a configurable radius and price point. A map will show the locations and route the user to the next destination, with geo-fencing noting when the user arrives or leaves the destination, and automatically routes the user to the next location.


Pandemic aims to prevent the spread of diseases by crowdsourcing data from hospitals, making these diagnoses available to doctors starting from patient 0. With real time disease trends (HERE technologies), doctors can more accurately respond to cases by ordering the correct diagnostics. Pandemic also be notifies doctors if a case should be reported to CDC by law and allow them to seamlessly complete and send the form on the platform (DocuSign).


Sepio is an app that allows teachers to plan and map their field trips, automatically send field trip liability waivers to parents. Parents can easily access and sign the Docu-sign wavier through text. After signing, parents then get redirected to a web page showing their Teacher’s field trip plans, maps, and routes using the HERE API. Also, with TomTom geofencing and, If the child travels outside the field trip zone, they get an automatic video call.

Smart navigation using HERE and Smart Cities data

Smart Navigation System based on HERE APIs which offers and advanced experience to drivers by means of exploiting real-time information provided by Smart Cities. We'll showcase a scenario where the Smart Navigation system exploits real-time information about available parking lots some cities export. The Smart Navigation System proposes the fastest route to the parking area closer to the destination. Driver can also buy access to privilege services like booking a parking lot in advance.


Our platform analyzes video data and alerts relevant parties & authorities about local incidents in a real time. During the hackathon, we created ROADLIFE that uses AI to analyze video data from traffic cameras to automatically alert authorities and improve response time.

Field Trip Manager

Simple Field Trip App to help Teachers and Parents set up field trips using Here API and DocuSign API.


Customized Home Security App

X MaRks

Incorporating multiple challenges from HERE, Yubico, DocuSign, and Near

Team Executable

We are building a micro-mobility navigation and perception stack utilizing Canon,, Here and TomTom for redundant and safe city navigation machines.

Near Here

Where is everybody?

Server-less location based chat

Fabio, The Date Companion

We would like to use the Clarifai api to find out interests about potential partners with the photo detection software--e.g. if there is a horse in the background for a lot of photos, we can assume they probably like horses, even if they don't have it written on the interests in their profile. We are trying to decide on another sponsor api that would make sense to use with this. Either the matchmaking app could use this to detect people's interests, or other users could find out without looking.


A decentralized application that facilitates interactions between clients and attorneys.


The Athlete-Tracker is an administrative tool for managing and tracking race events. User registers, signs waiver & pays (DocuSign) Admin receives shows registration, payment, & signature (DocuSign) Admin starts race & tracks progress (tomotom & here)