Agora DeveloperWeek Challenge


Build an app or Website that uses the Agora real-time-communications (RTC) platform. Use RTC to solve a real world problem, re-invent the future, or simply be creative!

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


Prize: $2000 in cash prizes, plus a chance to showcase your project at AllThingsRTC 2018!

1st place: $1000
2nd place: $700
3rd place: $300

Projects solving this challenge

Sprint Journal

Acting intentionally toward accomplishing ONE goal is the key to success. The easiest way to act intentionally is by keeping a blog or journal about your plans and progress. This means figuring out what success means in the context of a goal by defining a metric to measure how well you are doing, and then doing something CONSISTENTLY to push that metric in the right direction. I created a better blog that encourages people to focus on metrics and consistency over just getting likes.


A document sign off platform that allows users and companies to post documents to be signed, video conference( broadcasting) and collectively sign these documents (DocuSign embedded signing, iframe and payments), and analyse the sentiment of signers throughout the process(clarifai custom trained model)


LiveTour is a platform where agent can live broadcasting property tours in real time. LiveTour empowering agent to reach more leads than ever before. LiveTour achieve this by letting agent to give preview to the prospective buyer who might not even wanna show up in real person because of the photo or description of the properties. LiveTour also reduce the awkwardness and pressure from the prospective buyer perspective to come and view the house virtually instead of in person.


Ever felt like you are too far from the people you care about? Perhaps they live in another part of the world? With GreenScreen, you can video chat with your loved ones with a twist. With beautiful background images and full transparency on your video feed, now you can video chat and feel like you are meeting in a different place. You can click anywhere one the screen to save a picture souvenir of you and your loved ones!


PhotoBot is an automated photographer for events. It consists of a Canon camera and Raspberry Pi mounted on a motorized robot, and an App for entering events. The Pi controls the camera, converts media, broadcasts on Wowza, moves the robot, and provides an API. Photos are processed with Clarifai to identify people. The App scans for local geofence regions using TomTom. You can enter an associated event, sign a model release with Docusign, watch a Wowza feed, snap photos, and view your pics.

Create and Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) using Alexa

Create Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) b/w 2 parties using Alexa and DocuSign. 1) Add a contact on with an email and name. (ex Sandra) 2) Say - Alexa, ask "My Lawyer" to send NDA to "Sandra" 3) An email is then sent to the user (who invokes the skill) with a link. 4) Click the link to invoke simple REST APIs to initiate the DocuSign flow (create envelope, use template) 5) An email is sent by DocuSign to user. User fills data and signs. 6) Sandra then signs and NDA is completed.


RoboSitter is a content mediator chrome extension and web app that allows parents to whitelist internet content to help limit exposure from unsafe content. DocuSign: handle legal liabilities for capturing user images using Embedded Signing, Composite Template Utilize streaming service to capture video for facial authentication Clarifai: Train Admin model to recognize parent from children and who has authority to edit whitelist content Yubico: U2F authentication with YubiKey


Ethereum based trading game for ice cream lovers. Trade,Battle,Collect cards to the top.

Instantly Organize Web Conferences using Alexa

Instantly start an audio/video web conference and invite others to join. Simply say - "Alexa, ask My Team to join the conference". The team can be provisioned at


Never forget your keys again! Levering artificial intelligence, geofencing, and RTC to build the ultimate preventative solution to lost & found problems.


Sepio is an app that allows teachers to plan and map their field trips, automatically send field trip liability waivers to parents. Parents can easily access and sign the Docu-sign wavier through text. After signing, parents then get redirected to a web page showing their Teacher’s field trip plans, maps, and routes using the HERE API. Also, with TomTom geofencing and, If the child travels outside the field trip zone, they get an automatic video call.


Customized Home Security App

Team Executable

We are building a micro-mobility navigation and perception stack utilizing Canon,, Here and TomTom for redundant and safe city navigation machines.

Near Here

Where is everybody?


We will individually recommend a developer the most valuable skill to learn.


A decentralized application that facilitates interactions between clients and attorneys.

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