Create the most engaging game using our online platform.


Have you always wanted to create a game, but don’t know how and where to start?
CodeCombat provides an open source platform where you can create your own game very easily. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced software developer, use your creativity to create amazing levels. You can spend as little as 1 hour or as much as one whole day to make your level the best one.


CodeCombat is an engaging and interactive game-based platform for teaching computer programming to the kids. We believe that in an age where entertainment (from games to shows to social media) is becoming increasingly addictive, education must be highly engaging to compete for attention. Our ultimate vision is to evolve education through game-based learning.

CodeCombat provides a game with levels where each level has some goals. Players play by writing a program using real code and seeing their characters react in real time to their program in order to complete goals for each level.


Each CodeCombat level aims to teach some programming concepts to the kids like basic syntax, loops, conditional statements etc in javascript or python. As an example, this is a level( where the player has to write a program to avoid the fire traps and collect the gem. It aims to teach the concept of basic syntax and arguments.

So, your challenge as a level creator is to create the most creative and engaging level for the game that teaches any programming concept you like, using CodeCombat’s level editor. You do not need to set up any environment, all your development can be done in a browser using our online tools!

- We will provide you with some level templates to start with. They have the basic level configurations already done and a sample game field/art placed.
- You simply need to fork any of the templates and follow the provided instructions to create a level of your own.
- Add new objects to the level, write code to modify the behavior of the objects and level as well as modify other level elements like goals, decorations, etc. such that it teaches a useful programming concept to the player.
- Upon completion, publish the level to make it playable by anyone!

You can find the base templates and detailed INSTRUCTIONS for using them here:

For any questions, feel free to find us at the hackathon venue.

You can also join our slack workspace via this link( and then join channel #hackathon2019-coco, for any questions.


Submissions will be judged based on originality, creativity, and how well does it teach a programming concept.

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


$1000 Amazon gift card for the winning team + CodeCombat swag for the top submissions.
We will also publicize some of the best games created on our social media.

Projects solving this challenge

Paths of Peril

Code combat levels that the student needs to solve with algebraically.

Learn Trees

Have you every felt nervous about solving Tree problems during interviews? Are tree problems intimidating? Worry no more! With a whole set of tree problems that you can solve with Code Combat's fun, interactive coding platform, you can not only master Tree problems quickly, but have a great time while learning as well!

Speak Friend and Enter

A CodeCombat level to teach kids about the binary XOR operation and how it can be used as a one time pad to secure communication from prying ogres.

The ledger of life

a level designed around helping people understand the basic process behind blockchain technologies

Jane's Space ship

Jane spaceship is the story of Jane who's a little girl who wants to go to the moon.

Organizations hosting challenge


CodeCombat is a game-based computer science program where students learn typed Python and JavaScript and see their characters react in real time to their code. CodeCombat combines standards-aligned curriculum materials with automatic differentiation, teaching tools, and project-based courses to promote grit, problem-solving, and self-confidence.