Best Use of Linode StackScripts to Automate Deployments


Linode StackScripts is an awesome way to automate deployments. StackScripts run the first time the Linode boots, enabling users to automatically install specific services, create users, run commands, and more. What can you think to do with this? We want to see!

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


$500 worth of Linode Services

Projects solving this challenge


Ever felt like you are too far from the people you care about? Perhaps they live in another part of the world? With GreenScreen, you can video chat with your loved ones with a twist. With beautiful background images and full transparency on your video feed, now you can video chat and feel like you are meeting in a different place. You can click anywhere one the screen to save a picture souvenir of you and your loved ones!


"Find the perfect spot for your next local business" We’ve all heard the saying “location location location”, but finding the right spot for your business is hard. Many local businesses struggle because they pick a location without any data to back it up. Lokal combines data from HERE Maps and public data sources to give you insights on where your business can reach the most customers and succeed. The app is deployed on Linode.


We will individually recommend a developer the most valuable skill to learn.