Build a Native Mobile App Connected to @AWSCloud Built Using @AWSAmplify Framework


Develop the best working native iOS or Android mobile app (with source code) connecting to at least one AWS service provisioned by the Amplify CLI. Your mobile app must be native iOS (Swift) or Android (Java/Kotlin) and use the AWS SDK for iOS/Android. Be creative and useful! Good luck!

Amplify Framework (includes CLI and SDK docs):

Contact: Dennis on Twitter via DM @dmennis

Challenge Type

Virtual Hackathon



First Prize: Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen)

Second Prize: $50 AWS credits

Third Prize: $25 AWS Credits

Projects solving this challenge

Prxmty - The Social Location Platform

A Platform for location-based games and applications. We've created a simple Jedi-Wars game to show off the platforms ability to track users and initiate "battles" based on geo-fenced arenas - but this platform is not just for simple games like this! Using HERE API, GraphQL Subscriptions, Hasura and Serverless events this platform bring all the required elements to get a location-based app off the ground quickly!