DevWeek 2019


For DevWeek's 2019 hackathon, I built a gaming platform consisting of roughly a dozen games, some of which include:

//===========================1.) Hovering Hero: A helicopter-style game played with just one key. The player begins sliding through a field of obstacles, and they must avoid crashing. The user can press and hold the "hover" button to raise up, or release the button to float back down. The objective is to get as far as possible without crashing.

//===========================2.) Space Defender: This shooter game takes place in a galaxy far away! The player is in a spaceship, and must fight off an infinite fleet of attacking enemy ships. User can move in all directions (up, down, right, left) using the arrow keys, and shoot lasers with the space bar. Player can shoot up to 3 lasers at a time. Once the lasers have gone off screen, they may shoot again. If an enemy ship reaches the player, it's game over. The objective is to use the laser beam to kill as many enemy ships as possible, without being killed by an enemy invading your space!

//===========================3.) Build-A-Box: Less of a game, and more of an entertaining creative outlet. The user starts with a blank canvas, and customizes it with colors, shapes, styling and shifting the canvas. Some buttons, such as "paint me random", "fade", "warp", and others can be clicked multiple times to experiment with different variations and settings. The user can create a masterpiece of their own and save it to share or view later.

//===========================4.) Aquatic Hangman: This is an old school word guess game, similar to hangman. The user is presented with a number of underscores, representing the letters of a mystery word. They must guess which letters are needed to fill the word. The user has 10 lives, and each incorrect guess is a life lost. They can choose to see hints to help them guess. If the user makes 10 wrong guesses, it's game over. If they guess the word before running out of lives, they win the game.

//===========================5.) Heirogif: This activity is not your typical game. The user cannot win or lose. Heirogif is a search engine for gifs. The user can choose to click on a preset theme at the top of the page (such as "aliens" or "galaxy") or they can type in a search word of their own to create a new theme. When the user clicks a theme, either preset or custom, the screen will populate with 20+ gifs related to their search word. The images will appear still, and the user can click an image to start the animation and learn it's rating (PG, R, etc). Each time a theme is clicked, the new images will appear above old images.

//===========================6.) Exploring Europe: A fun geography-themed trivia game, focused on European countries. This game asks a series of questions, presented as an unlabeled map of Europe, and the user must guess which country is highlighted. Each question is multiple choice, and the user has 20 seconds to answer. If the user does not answer in time, or if they give an incorrect answer, they will lose that round. If they select the right answer before the clock counts down to zero, they win!


There are several more applications to choose from available now on 'Play Attic'. This site is currently a gaming platform where users can play a variety of games. I was limited in time during the 24 hour hackathon. I plan to continue building Play Attic and integrate more back-end technology into the site, making it interactive between players. Ideally, users will be able to log in and upload games they have built, they can also play games uploaded by other users and leave comments. This site will be a social PC gaming platform that allows game developers to share their work and give their audience an opportunity to explore their games. Players will be able to rate and discuss their favorite games. An array of ultimate high score will be recorded for each game with mongo db, and players can compete to beat other players. Even more ambitious, I would like to use an API from a streaming service that allows users to see each other in real time while competing in two player games. This technology would also allow users the option to view the other player's game screen in the corner of their own screen.

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon