Most innovative use of Flowroute in IoT


The challenge is to build messaging capabilities into a personal assistant such as Alexa or Cortana, or other smart device, to enable users to interact in a more intuitive, personal way using voice and/or text messaging. Examples include the ability to play music, answer general questions, request food delivery, or get directions and have them text information to your phone. We will take you through everything you need to know to get started during our Workshop on Saturday February 11 at 2:00pm in Workshop A or stop by our table, so you can get started quickly. You can access Flowroute’s developer resources at:

Challenge Type

On-Site Hackathon


$2500 in gift cards and prizes including hover board, Amazon gift cards, Echo and Flowroute credit.

Projects solving this challenge


For developers who want to provide the end users of their intelligent voice assistant apps with additional security. Securing apps that allow users to purchase things with voice or access sensitive information. Bypass gives them the missing layer of security on their requests Unlike a fixed 4 digit code that you have to say aloud to confirm your payments bypass is a 2-factor authentication that send a random confirmation code on your smartphone to make all of your voice purchases secure!


Integrate 1000s of iot devices to our intelligent automation and e-commerce platform on web and mobile.

Internet of Gardens

Smart Garden System uses AR and AI to communicate with plants in your plants.


A pattern based touch pad security feature for shared doors. (Or any other physical security keypad replacement.)

Pala Saves

Create sensor to keep parents from forgetting their babies in a hot car.


IoT platform that actively communicates with devices and places order of items and materials as needed with oversight from managers as necessary.


smart way to send message to the dear ones


ADJUTANT is a mobile app that uses AI to programmatically send messages to people you meet.


NatureFit is fitness platform designed to boost sales and club membership through a gym perk incentive-based credit system. Powered by Clover Point of Sale API, and customer tracking - users can earn and redeem points for use in gym stores. NetApp backend allows high resiliency (even in small datacenter configurations) by using a novel instant-backup strategy for replacing stalling instances on the fly.

Guess Who - Alexa Game for Family

Demo Video: Game for families using Alexa and SMS. Alexa gives you hints about a person, and you try to guess who it is. SMS plays an important role here since Alexa can send a special hint only to a specific person.


A bot that monitors your pet, and try to guess what your pet is doing. It is done by trying reinforce learning with fast feedback, to build model for custom data. Python would be the main stack.

Organizations hosting challenge


A Siri that cares about your personal advancement and success.


Flowroute is the leading provider of communication services for cloud-based companies. Flowroute gives developers and enterprises carrier-quality services with unprecedented performance, transparency and control to add voice and messaging capabilities into their apps and services to create unique user experiences.

Events specific to challenge

DeveloperWeek 2017 Hackathon

The DeveloperWeek Hackathon invites 600+ hackers to compete for $100,000+ in products and services at the official kick-off to DeveloperWeek!