DeveloperWeek 2016 Hackathon Here is you can find some description about event, information about dates

Event Description

Join 1,200 developers in San Francisco! Participants can build any startup app idea (from scratch) over 30 hours. You can network with our mentors to get tech help and feedback - and proceed through 2 rounds of judging!

Event Dates

February 13 2016 - February 14 2016 Learn more

Event Technologies

The Retina API converts any text into a numerical representation of its meaning, known as Semantic Fingerprint, which helps identify the meaning behind natural language. Tasks such as classification and streaming text filtering are much easier to perform and become really fast. API features include: Term Endpoints (individual terms), Text Endpoints (operations on text), Expression Endpoints (Boolean operators), Compare Endpoints (semantic similarity), Classify Endpoints (category filter) etc.

Crawl, index and analyze data from file systems, DropBox, and the web. Analyze and extract insights from documents, text, audio, video, and image files, or build your own prediction and recommendation engines. By combining APIs you’ll be able to create powerful data transformation and enrichment workflows. Getting started is easy, and you’ll be calling the APIs in under 5 minutes! All Developers get an API key with FREE monthly quota. Sign-up now:

The RICOH THETA uses an open source API compliant with Open Spherical Camera (OSC) API version 1.0. Details are available on the Google Developers site here: The API is extended to accommodate the RICOH THETA original functions.

Shippo's Tracking API lets you get tracking information for any shipment send with major carriers in the world. Simply send a GET request to get the current shipment status, and tracking history.

NetApp ONTAP Cloud for AWS is a software storage service on NetApp’s clustered Data ONTAP storage OS. ONTAP Cloud provides superior data management and enhances your development environment to optimize cost and accelerate application development lifecycle. ONTAP Cloud works with NetApp’s OnCommand Cloud Manager for a streamlined user experience. NetApp storage APIs, instant cloning capabilities and other features can increase performance and provide enhanced scaling for dev/test environments.

Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as database, cache and message broker. It supports data structures such as strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets with range queries, bitmaps, hyperloglogs and geospatial indexes with radius queries

Build interactive services and messaging bots for any messaging channel using our REST APIs. Most of the APIs are common across channels, while a few are channel-specific, due to differences in channel formats. Our APIs support both plain-text messaging as well as smart-messaging formats. Smart-messages enable developers to build more advanced workflows.

For the DevWeek16 hacakathon, we have set up a feed of tracking numbers that you can play with.

A better way to engage with customers. Concierge is a service designed to bring companies and their customers closer together.

You know your app needs to send email, but we know your secret (email's not something you want to have to deal with), so let us handle it for you. SparkPost does what you need--triggered message generation, personalization, sending, webhooks and inbound relay, and performance hacking--with none of the baggage. Send via REST API or SMTP, integrate in the languages you love with our client libraries, and benefit from comprehensive real-time analytics. Together, let's build something awesome.

We don't get in the way. Get up and running fast with Heroku and rely on SparkPost to deliver and report email performance.

Your direct line of communication to every user, right inside your app. With the push of a button mobile users can instantly connect with a live person via video, audio or chat.Your users are mobile and their experience needs to be too. With Concierge, you can help users wherever they are, over any connection, on both Android and iOS, and of course on your website!