DeveloperWeek 2018 SF Bay Here is you can find some description about event, information about dates

Event Description

This is the DeveloperWeek 2018 SF Bay Hackathon!

Event Dates

February 03 2018 - February 04 2018 Learn more

Event Technologies

Interactive Ink extends digital ink to allow users to more intuitively create, interact with, and share content in digital form. Handwritten text, mathematical equations or even diagrams are interpreted in real-time to be editable via simple gestures, responsive and easy to convert to a neat output.

ARRIVE enables businesses to predictively detect when one of their customers is approaching a physical destination and to take action in response. The ability to accurately detect where the customer is without draining their smartphone battery, and to predict when the customer is about to arrive sets ARRIVE apart from other approaches to proximity and location. ARRIVE opens up a broad range of uses that would not otherwise work due to the low accuracy and poor reliability of other solutions.

The Online Search APIs enable geocoding and searching for an address or place. By using fuzzy matching algorithms and auto-completion, Online Search APIs provide an excellent query interface for interacting directly with end-users. The following Online Search APIs are available: - Search - Geocoding - Reverse Geocoding - Filters

The Online Routing APIs enable planning a route from A to B, considering both historical and real-time traffic conditions. As a result, applications can provide users with highly accurate travel times and live updated travel information and route instructions for multiple transportation types such as cars, trucks, bicycle and pedestrians. The following Online Routing APIs are available: - Routing - Batch - Matrix

The Online Maps APIs enable static and interactive maps to be displayed in any mobile and/or web application. TomTom real-time map making technology provides users with the most accurate and up-to-date maps. The following Online Maps APIs are available: - Raster - Vector

TomTom’s world-class Traffic information can be displayed via the Online Traffic APIs in different styles and flavors. Traffic Flow or Traffic Incident information can be overlaid on top of the TomTom maps to visualize the congestion level, traffic jams, roadworks, blocked roads, closures and many more. Even more detailed information such as the length, delay, impacted street names and speeds of traffic jams can be provided and interactively used by applications.

Event Challenges

This challenge involves integrating eSignLive's eSignature technology into a web or mobile application using our REST APIs or one of our SDKs (Java, .NET, Android, iOS, APEX). Using a mobile SDK adds a potential bonus (see the prizes below). For either challenge, example ideas could be: 1) A self-service portal where the end user is allowed to fill out and sign the documents from within the portal (auto/mortgage loan, loan application, investment account creation, etc.). 2) A business-user driven application where the business user must send out documents for signing from the application. 3) A mobile application used by an outside sales force to present contract documents in face-to-face meetings with clients. 3) An automated process where the eSignLive transaction is generated automatically based on other events. 4) Any application where you can see e-signatures as a way to streamline a document signing process. Bonus prizes will be awarded for the top 4 qualifying application that also implements a callback notification listener that feeds a back-end reporting dashboard (transaction statuses, average time of completion, etc.). Developers participating in the challenge MUST register in the eSignLive Developer Community (link: to be eligible. This is also where you'll find forums, guides, documentation, Sandbox access, etc.

MyScript is the source of the world’s most advanced technology for handwriting interpretation and digital ink management. To help you build interactive, handwriting-based applications, we provide the Interactive Ink SDK, a set of cross-platform and easy-to-use APIs. Check it out at Enter the challenge by integrating MyScript iink SDK into your mobile application (Android, Windows, or iOS). Submissions will be judged on two main criteria: effective use of the MyScript iink APIs and innovation in leveraging handwriting in the user interface. Get ideas, support and claim your starter coupon at

MyScript is the source of the world’s most advanced technology for handwriting interpretation and digital ink management. To help you build interactive, handwriting-based applications, we provide the Interactive Ink SDK, a set of cross-platform and easy-to-use APIs. Check it out at Enter the challenge by integrating MyScript iink SDK into your cloud application (using MyScriptJS, myscript-math-web, myscript-text-web, myscript-common-element or WebSocket API). Submissions will be judged on two main criteria: effective use of the MyScript iink APIs and innovation in leveraging handwriting in the user interface. Get ideas, support and claim your starter coupon at

Develop and demonstrate Amazon Alexa skills to work on Kubernetes APIs. Develop as many skills as poosible to managing, monitoring and scaling applications hosted on a Kubernetes Cluster. The Best Prize will be given based on the no. of Kubernetes API's converted to skills, the implementation and the responses Alexa skills give back

Best use of the Smartsheet API Build an application that utilizes the Smartsheet API. Bonus points to those who automate their application with Smartsheet webhooks!

3 categories: 1) Most innovative API use case 2) Best API use case for the betterment of society 3) Best IoT use case

“Build Something Amazing”. Create an innovative application of any type that uses TeleSign’s Communication and/or Intelligence APIs. Your app will be judged by TeleSign’s engineers on the category of most disruptive application which is likely to gain adoption. The application must be developed at the hackathon. TeleSign’s Communications APIs allow you to build messaging and account security into apps and create innovative experiences that users love. TeleSign’s Intelligence APIs help you prevent fraud on your platform by providing data that can help you determine the risk level of any phone number in the world. Common use cases for TeleSign’s CPaaS platform are adding Two-Factor Authentication, Sending Reminders & Notifications, Preventing Account Takeovers, and Delivering Marketing messages.

Your Challenge: To use the ARRIVE SDK in a new or updated mobile application that can have broad commercial use. What is ARRIVE: ARRIVE is an easy to implement SDK that provides accurate alerts before arrival and true visibility into user ETA. By knowing when someone is arriving, businesses are able to offer personalized customer experiences upon arrival, have food ready at the curb, adjust appointment times based on user ETA, prepare dressing rooms in advance, alert customers when a delivery is arriving, track arrival and departure of VIP guests or vendors at events, and so much more. We’re excited to see what other innovative uses you can come up with using predictive arrival alerts! For more info about ARRIVE, check out:

How good are your coding skills? Join the HackerRank contest to solve algorithm challenges and see how you measure up against other developers at DevWeek. You have 24 hrs to solve 3 challenges. See you on the leaderboard and may the best developer win!

Build something awesome using the DocuSign eSignature and win CASH prizes! Bonus points awarded for use of our iOS SDK and the DocuSign Payments API!

Traditional garbage collection happens every week by trucks driving by all the houses in a specific area and check which people are putting out their garbage containers. On demand garbage collection could make garbage collection more efficient, faster and more cost efficient. People can register on demand when they want their garbage to be picked up by submitting their address. The TomTom Online Search APIs can help to translate those addresses to coordinates. Every day the garbage collection trucks can make use of advanced routing algorithms from the TomTom Online Routing API to calculate the most optimal routes to pick up the garbage for those registered people. Building an on demand garbage collection portal and an application which calculates the most optimal routes for garbage collection trucks are the challenge here! You can use Maps SDKs for Web, Android and iOs in combination with TomTom Online services to create a feature rich product.

Most people do a lot of activities when arriving at or leaving their homes. For example, they turn on/off the heating, oven, lights, check the traffic jams and travel times before they go to work... Many of those activities could be automatically planned in a smart way if we had smart homes which can predict when people will arrive at their homes or when they need to leave their homes. The TomTom Online Routing API and TomTom Online Batch Routing API will allow you to predict those arrival or departure times. This challenge allows creative developers to build innovative applications which can make homes smarter by knowing when people arrive at their homes or need to leave their homes. You can use the Map, Search and Routing modules in Maps SDKs for Android and iOS in combination with TomTom Online services to create such mobile apps.

Nowadays, people rely on easy and open access to the internet world to make spontaneous and well informed decisions with respect to where to go, what to visit, where to eat and grab a drink, and more. Often times, we find ourselves in a new city or country and trust our smartphones and the internet to search for new suggestions and ways of spending our time efficiently. Now imagine going beyond that while visiting a new place by creating routes from A to B with stops at great restaurants, landmarks and touristic attractions. By building an “Area guide” app, users will be able to explore places, drive or walk to important touristic attractions such as museums and iconic restaurants in the area and make the most out of their journey. Maps SDKs for Android and iOS can power a mobile app that is intended to display specific places on the map within a designated area range and which offers the ability to plan routes between A and B. This way, users will be able to plan their journeys in an optimal way, receive instructions on how to get to the destination and drive back home, and be able to enjoy a fabulous dinner or drink along the way.

Design and develop new applications faster than ever with CA Live API Creator. Explore yourself how integration with data, and embedding business logic in the applications can be snap. Take this challenge and create an innovative application using CA Live API Creator. Experience the power of Live API Creator to build a new API, and then to integrate it with a front end or use it standalone as a fully functional system. To participate in this challenge, you need to use the Live API Creator trial. You need to follow only these steps: 1- Download the trial from (And sign our Pre-Release Testing Agreement ) 2- Create an API with the Live API Creator’s trial (Steps ) – either from an existing database, or a new DB schema definition, or a new application design you already have in mind 3- When you are ready, present your app at CA Technologies’ booth CA Technologies’ engineers will be on site to help you with your apps and judge your pitches at the end. What will make your API stand out is the creative usage of capabilities of Live API Creator – that made the otherwise daunting application development process easy and fun! Learn more about Live API Creator and how to use it here: (More Video Tutorials)