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Event Description

This is the DeveloperWeek 2018 SF Bay Hackathon!

Event Dates

February 03 2018 - February 04 2018 Learn more

Event Technologies

Interactive Ink extends digital ink to allow users to more intuitively create, interact with, and share content in digital form. Handwritten text, mathematical equations or even diagrams are interpreted in real-time to be editable via simple gestures, responsive and easy to convert to a neat output.

ARRIVE enables businesses to predictively detect when one of their customers is approaching a physical destination and to take action in response. The ability to accurately detect where the customer is without draining their smartphone battery, and to predict when the customer is about to arrive sets ARRIVE apart from other approaches to proximity and location. ARRIVE opens up a broad range of uses that would not otherwise work due to the low accuracy and poor reliability of other solutions.

The Online Search APIs enable geocoding and searching for an address or place. By using fuzzy matching algorithms and auto-completion, Online Search APIs provide an excellent query interface for interacting directly with end-users. The following Online Search APIs are available: - Search - Geocoding - Reverse Geocoding - Filters

The Online Routing APIs enable planning a route from A to B, considering both historical and real-time traffic conditions. As a result, applications can provide users with highly accurate travel times and live updated travel information and route instructions for multiple transportation types such as cars, trucks, bicycle and pedestrians. The following Online Routing APIs are available: - Routing - Batch - Matrix

The Online Maps APIs enable static and interactive maps to be displayed in any mobile and/or web application. TomTom real-time map making technology provides users with the most accurate and up-to-date maps. The following Online Maps APIs are available: - Raster - Vector

TomTom’s world-class Traffic information can be displayed via the Online Traffic APIs in different styles and flavors. Traffic Flow or Traffic Incident information can be overlaid on top of the TomTom maps to visualize the congestion level, traffic jams, roadworks, blocked roads, closures and many more. Even more detailed information such as the length, delay, impacted street names and speeds of traffic jams can be provided and interactively used by applications.

The YubiKey is a multi-factor authentication device that protects numerous systems, networks, and applications from common cyber attacks with just a simple touch. With support for multiple authentication protocols, YubiKeys are powerful and flexible enough to secure a wide range of applications including: computer logins, remote VPN, identity access management platforms, password managers, and popular online services such as Google, Dropbox and Facebook.

eSignLive by VASCO is an electronic signature solution that enables documents to be securely signed electronically on any device. Organizations use eSignLive to improve customer experience, increase productivity and reduce errors and costs by automating workflows and enforcing business rules throughout. eSignLive provides an open API set that makes it very easy to integrate & fully supported SDKs for Java, .NET, APEX, iOs and Android.

Event Challenges

What is a Cloudflare app? At its core a Cloudflare app is set of JavaScript and/or CSS files which run on a website, and an install.json file which instructs tools like Cloudflare Apps how to use those files. For example, all of these projects are installable with Cloudflare as “apps”: -Back To Top Button -Google Analytics -Chatra The value of a Cloudflare app Only a tiny portion of the millions of website owners out there will ever visit GitHub or Hacker News. Cloudflare Apps makes it easy for anyone with a website to find and use your tool. Making your tool installable with Cloudflare comes with tremendous benefits: -Allow potential customers to Live Preview your tool on their site without installing a thing. -Give your customers options with a simple configuration UI for customizing your app. -Showcase your app to over 7 million Cloudflare customers. -Demo your app on any website in seconds with customizable links to live previews. -Seamlessly deliver new releases and updates to your app’s customers. Teams which build an app for Cloudflare Apps will qualify for our prizes. The top 2 teams will win prizes.

NOTE: For any of the following tasks you can come to our booth and we will provide you the instance that you may need to deploy the trial's Docker image. Task 1: $500 Download and install the Server side MASDocker following instructions from Github ( Task 2: $500 - Create a client app using the Mobile Developer Console available via the server installed in Task1 - For iOS project, download the template available via the developer console or from Github ( TemplateInstaller folder. - Create an iOS app using the Basic template from CA Technologies (currently only for iOS projects) and with the client app config file (msso_config.json) you created in the step above. - Add MASFoundation and MASUI to the project using Cocoapods. For Android project please use JCenter - Call the protected endpoint ("/protected/resource/products") using the MASRequest builder as showing in the docs ( In case of Android app use the following docs: P.S. Authenticate with any credentials available in the MASDocker Github repo. Task 3: $1000 Transferring a session from one app (authenticated) to another (not authenticated). Create another app (App B) with the same code as App A but when the login screen appears select the QR Code button available out of box. This will display the QR Code to be scanned by an authenticated app. From the App A (authenticated user) create a button to read / scan the QR Code from the new App B login screen. If everything is done right, the session from App A will be shared with the App B that will authenticated after the QR Code be scanned. More Info: Mobile API Gateway documentation: CA developers forum More video tutorials