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David Carrus
David Carrus Developer

I am working as a FE architect right now, but still developing to avoid losing the grip. My main stack is the FE stack so javascript (from node to vanilla) css and layout markup.

Since this is my first Hackaton experience i am open to any suggestion

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Marquis Parks
Marquis Parks Developer

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Alex Business

I am a first year MBA student at Berkeley-Haas pursuing a role in product management. Previously, I managed the Paid Search program at Capital One.

In my spare time, I have built several Alexa Skills and am working on an Augmented Reality App using Unity and Vuforia.

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Andre Salcido
Andre Salcido Designer

I am a designer with skills in UX, visual design, HTML and CSS. I'm looking for an opportunity to work on a small team to help refine and design a good, viable product. If you are looking to put something together, please drop me a line. I don't have much stage fright and I also have some experience in pitching projects.

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Divya Jain
Divya Jain Developer

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Nobu Morita
Nobu Morita Business

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James Touri
James Touri Developer

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Nishant Patel
Nishant Patel Developer

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Tenny Pinheiro
Tenny Pinheiro Designer

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JEE HUN SONG Developer

I am an embedded SW engineer in LG Electronics for three years. Now I'm finding a team. Please contact me.

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