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Hyeongjin Um
Hyeongjin Um Developer

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Yaseen Hussain
Yaseen Hussain Developer

Full Stack Developer and dedicated learner, i’ve built and tested dynamic applications and worked closely with founders, designers, and customers to build products that gracefully solve problems. Currently at the intersection of elegant web engineering and effective, supportive team cultures. I love to work on Algorithms during my spare time.

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Jyoti Shirolikar
Jyoti Shirolikar Developer

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Eric Pacheco
Eric Pacheco Developer

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oran c
oran c Developer

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Reo Fujishima
Reo Fujishima Developer

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Cassandra Hamilton
Cassandra Hamilton Developer

1 Projects
Brian yang
Brian yang Designer

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gloria chow
gloria chow Business

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Preeti dave
Preeti dave Developer

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