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Daniel Zhao
Daniel Zhao Developer

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Cindy Gomez
Cindy Gomez Developer

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Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown Developer

I am a guy who was born with the power to TYPE AT COMPUTERS

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Chaehoon Lim
Chaehoon Lim Developer

I am seeking a great opportunity for my new life as a full-stack software engineer.
I love working as a team and I feel I am alive when I encountered new technology.

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Ian Dewsbury
Ian Dewsbury Developer

Recovering litigator and aspiring software developer.

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Yasin Ehsan
Yasin Ehsan Developer

Cum laude CS undergrad. Presented Open Data project to mayor's office. Directed TED talks. Awarded Capital One Investing grant. Seeking software co-op opportunities. Comfortable with web development and Java.

1 Projects
Monica Restrepo
Monica Restrepo Developer

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Jared Weiss
Jared Weiss Developer

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Alan Fleming
Alan Fleming Developer

Artist turned full stack developer.

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