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Joshua Goldwasser
Joshua Goldwasser Developer

0 Projects
Cory Kane
Cory Kane Developer

0 Projects
Justin Diederich
Justin Diederich Business

1 Projects
Ulrike Mahnke
Ulrike Mahnke Designer

1 Projects
Thorbjørn Bonvik
Thorbjørn Bonvik Developer

0 Projects
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh Developer

I enjoy working with web development technologies and frameworks - Typescript, ES6 Javascript , Angular, D3.js, Vega, Bootstrap, React, Node.js, ThreeJS, WebVR and more.

0 Projects
Edward Huang
Edward Huang Developer

0 Projects
Tamara Business

Am a virtual reality and want to learn to devolope web applications. I love to create things and want to go the distance in web apps and build a better community.

0 Projects
Hareesh Puthalath
Hareesh Puthalath Developer

0 Projects
Shahar Shocron
Shahar Shocron Developer

me me me

1 Projects