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Nick Capaldini
Nick Capaldini Designer

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Jake Waltrip
Jake Waltrip Developer

I am currently a full stack Javascript student at Austin Coding Academy. I will graduate this December with knowledge and expertise in Javascript, React, Node/Express, MongoDB, and HTML/CSS - and will graduate in December with a certificate and program completion of a full-stack Javascript course.

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Lauren Hansson
Lauren Hansson Developer

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Marguel Gutierrez
Marguel Gutierrez Developer

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John Moen
John Moen Developer

You only YOLO once.

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Sundew Shin
Sundew Shin Developer

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Sunjay Lal
Sunjay Lal Developer

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Ellie E
Ellie E Developer

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Juan Villegas
Juan Villegas Developer

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David Shi
David Shi Developer

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