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Stephen Han
Stephen Han Developer

0 Projects
Patrice Ngassa
Patrice Ngassa Developer

I am a software developer working mostly on the front end development. I develop Android applications.

1 Projects
Ashley Crawford
Ashley Crawford Business

Experience working in tightknit startups in esports.Excellent presentation/sales skills.

Great at ideas, product dev, product innovation, design, and marketing.

1 Projects
Sergei Chevtsov
Sergei Chevtsov Developer

1 Projects
Andrew Ko
Andrew Ko Other

1 Projects

I'm an Electrical Engineering Student and my core subjects are Computer Vision and Machine Learning.
Next to my studies I develop Test Automation Tools for a company.

0 Projects
ZT Developer

1 Projects
David Steele
David Steele Developer

I'm a data scientist / engineer with a background in Physics. My technical specialty is data analytics, data pipelines, and algorithms for transforming, modling and interpreting data.

API World 2018 will be my first hack-a-thon!

0 Projects
Goun Na
Goun Na Developer

Hadoop/Spark data engineer

2 Projects
Anna Pitaev
Anna Pitaev Developer

Software Developer working for space industry,
interested in Big Data

2 Projects