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Shane White
Shane White Developer

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Jordan Lamoreaux
Jordan Lamoreaux Developer

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gopal santhana
gopal santhana Developer

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Chris Davis
Chris Davis Developer

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Lisa Jetton
Lisa Jetton Developer

Over the past 3 years, I have worked for JPMorgan Chase, gaining industry knowledge of finance, data-security, internal operations, and banking. Currently, I am a student at the UT Austin Full Stack Coding Bootcamp. I seek to become a leading developer and harness the power of coding to unite minds, surpass borders, and increase social progress. I am especially motivated to build change in the security, fintech, and AI markets.

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Arnob Developer

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Sheel Bedi
Sheel Bedi Developer

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Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris Developer

Lead platform engineer for a cloud management company in Austin, TX. I do everything but Windows and Java.

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Eduardo Velasco
Eduardo Velasco Developer

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