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Garth Miller
Garth Miller Designer

0 Projects
Jason Humphreys
Jason Humphreys Developer

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Irina Lebedeva
Irina Lebedeva Developer

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Jung Guack
Jung Guack Developer

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Dain Chatel
Dain Chatel Developer

After five years as a science fiction writer, I began to teach myself JavaScript for a short story. Before I knew it, I was completely obsessed with code — from algorithms to API calls. I attended GA's Web Development Immersive, where I focused on JavaScript and worked extensively with React and Node/Express.

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Yunchun Chong
Yunchun Chong Developer

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Levy Shi
Levy Shi Developer

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Magfurul Abeer
Magfurul Abeer Developer

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Mohammed Yaseen
Mohammed Yaseen Developer

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Dmitry Developer

Software Engineer

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