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Levy Shi
Levy Shi Developer

1 Projects
Magfurul Abeer
Magfurul Abeer Developer

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Mohammed Yaseen
Mohammed Yaseen Developer

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Dmitry Developer

Software Engineer

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Richard Kim
Richard Kim Developer

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Enchong Wang
Enchong Wang Developer

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Kiv Lo
Kiv Lo Developer

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Yaoxi Liang
Yaoxi Liang Developer

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Kelly Lunghamer
Kelly Lunghamer Developer

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Michael Yatco
Michael Yatco Developer

For ten years, I have dedicated myself towards studying and teaching languages in various socio-economic environments. My latest career undertaking involves a full immersion into programming languages. I have developed professional proficiency in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, SQL, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, and Git. As a graduate, I want to share my passion for programming languages and have volunteered to teach Intro to Ruby on Rails seminars at MeetUp at Stack Overflow.

0 Projects