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Fedor Kitashov
Fedor Kitashov Developer

1 Projects
Solomon Wu
Solomon Wu Developer

1 Projects
Kiran Kanaparthi
Kiran Kanaparthi Developer

I am a Java Developer with Experience in Web Services, API Integration.

1 Projects
Vashon Tnee
Vashon Tnee Designer

0 Projects
Anna Propas
Anna Propas Developer

1 Projects
Neha Mittal
Neha Mittal Developer

0 Projects
MT Developer

0 Projects
Heidi Lau
Heidi Lau Developer

0 Projects
Yangyang Herrera
Yangyang Herrera Developer

0 Projects
Roman Cheskidov
Roman Cheskidov Developer

10 years of web software development experience: ReactJS, Redux, AngularJS, PHP, SQL, etc.

1 Projects