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Organization Team Members

Dan Zeitman
Dan Zeitman Developer
Max Presman
Max Presman Developer
Madison Smith
Madison Smith Developer
Josh Marinacci
Josh Marinacci Developer
Adam Bavosa
Adam Bavosa Developer
Grace Mclane
Grace Mclane Business
Martin Lagrange
Martin Lagrange Developer


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Organization Technologies

The PubNub Data Stream Network connects 15 globally redundant points of presence into a single network capable of handling hundreds of millions of simultaneous device connections and relaying trillions of messages. The Data Stream Network architecture was built as a network – not as a single PoP “cloud” solution – allowing PubNub to deliver unmatched speed, reliability, and scalability.

Serverless compute for building and scaling realtime applications.

* Program the Network - build features in a fraction of the time with code that runs inside the network.
*Serverless Architecture deployment and scaling all handled for you.
*Integrated Key/Value Store reduces latency.
*Effortless Scaling Run app logic in the network instead.
* Zero Added Latency Fewer hops

PubNub powers low-latency messaging on every device, at massive scale. We deliver realtime infrastructure as-a-service with 70+ SDKs that enable developers to deploy the most innovative realtime apps or services - without the need to build and operate their own messaging infrastructure.

Innovate faster. We do the hard work, so your time is freed up to focus on what matters to the business.

PubNub Functions makes spinning up web servers and load-balancers a thing of the past. Functions allow you to add business logic to the edge, processing these messages as they move through the network or via a Webhook Endpoint - all without adding additional servers.

PubNub Functions scale automatically with your traffic, they can be coded and deployed globally in minutes, and provide redundancy so you can operate at 99.999% uptime.