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My Journal is a daily symptoms tracker.

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Whether you’re looking for a simple eSignature integration or building a complex workflow, DocuSign has you covered. Integrate our secure, trusted eSignature API to sign documents, request signatures, and automate your forms and data. You can also perform multi-factor authentication, download sealed documents, and track status in real-time, all directly from your app or website. For a general product overview of DocuSign, watch this video. We are looking for novel hacks that involve preparing, signing, sending, and managing the status of “digital envelopes.” Winning hacks will likely incorporate at least one of the following advanced DocuSign API features into their project: • Authentication • Connect/Event Notifications • Embedded Signing • Composite Templates • DocuSign Payments Before you arrive, review our getting started guide for hackathons. For all API documentation, guides, and code examples, check out the DocuSign Developer Center. Need some inspiration? Walk through the LoanCo sample app!

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Linux Apache MySQL PHP