Create and Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) using Alexa

Project Description

Create Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) b/w 2 parties using Alexa and DocuSign. 1) Add a contact on with an email and name. (ex Sandra) 2) Say - Alexa, ask "My Lawyer" to send NDA to "Sandra" 3) An email is then sent to the user (who invokes the skill) with a link. 4) Click the link to invoke simple REST APIs to initiate the DocuSign flow (create envelope, use template) 5) An email is sent by DocuSign to user. User fills data and signs. 6) Sandra then signs and NDA is completed.

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Piyush Hari
Piyush Hari Developer
Puja Hari
Puja Hari Other

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