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Lichade Xun
Lichade Xun Developer

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3 categories: 1) Most innovative API use case 2) Best API use case for the betterment of society 3) Best use case with complementary APIs $1k prize per category

Traditional garbage collection happens every week by trucks driving by all the houses in a specific area and check which people are putting out their garbage containers. On demand garbage collection could make garbage collection more efficient, faster and more cost efficient. People can register on demand when they want their garbage to be picked up by submitting their address. The TomTom Online Search APIs can help to translate those addresses to coordinates. Every day the garbage collection trucks can make use of advanced routing algorithms from the TomTom Online Routing API to calculate the most optimal routes to pick up the garbage for those registered people. Building an on demand garbage collection portal and an application which calculates the most optimal routes for garbage collection trucks are the challenge here! You can use Maps SDKs for Web, Android and iOs in combination with TomTom Online services to create a feature rich product.

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This is the DeveloperWeek 2018 SF Bay Hackathon!

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The Online Routing APIs enable planning a route from A to B, considering both historical and real-time traffic conditions. As a result, applications can provide users with highly accurate travel times and live updated travel information and route instructions for multiple transportation types such as cars, trucks, bicycle and pedestrians. The following Online Routing APIs are available: - Routing - Batch - Matrix