garage board

Project Description

garage board is real time archetechtual tool for programmers and brain storm meetings. It fills the last missing piece of meeting efficiency by building a real time interactive whiteboard that is able to understand figures and words hand writing on the fly and able to convert everything to professional, editable and exportable formats. The whole experience is intuitive and there's not buttons for text box, figures, arrows etc. Everything is completed by machine learning technology.

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What is this team looking for?

We are looking for technologies that is able to support main stream features, as well as lower level, easily accessable customizations. We are also looking for low latency video technology to optimize user experiences. We'll need a marketing person to help us expand the usage of the app.

Events specific to project

This is the DeveloperWeek 2018 SF Bay Hackathon!

Technologies used by this project

Interactive Ink extends digital ink to allow users to more intuitively create, interact with, and share content in digital form. Handwritten text, mathematical equations or even diagrams are interpreted in real-time to be editable via simple gestures, responsive and easy to convert to a neat output.