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NexuScope provides automated analytics on marketing creatives and scores them based on misleading content.

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Bryan Knouse
Bryan Knouse Developer

Challenges that this project applies to

One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining an advertising marketplace is ensuring the quality of the ecosystem. Specifically ensuring the quality of the advertising creatives that are allowed to serve on the platform. From detecting malware to flagging sensitive categories, the creative audit process is one that relies heavily on machine learning and automation to keep up with the volume of creatives to be audited and the demands of getting a campaign live. For this hackathon project we welcome you to dive into one of our most challenging problems: how do you identify creatives with malicious intent? For the sake of this exercise, we scope the types of malicious intent into 2 categories: * Misleading Content (What is advertised is not what is on the landing page.) * Fake News (for example fake celebrity death, provably false statements decreed as true) To complete this challenge we will provide you a training set of creatives. Your mission is to flag as many creatives as possible that fall into the above categories.

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